10 Ways To Practice Mindfulness Without Meditating

10 Ways To Practice Mindfulness Without Meditation

Mindfulness Without Meditation Mindfulness is a skill many people use to help them become more present. But as soon as you begin with the buzz words like “being present” and “meditation” it can put A LOT of people off. Being present is simply taking notice of what you are doing. Not being on auto pilot. […]

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How To Practice Mindfulness Meditation

I recently emailed my subscribers asking how I can help them most. I had a few replies about being more present and I figured mindfulness meditation would be the nicest place to start. So this is blog post 1 of 3 (I think!) About mindfulness meditation and incorporating mindfulness into our real lives. Because being […]

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You are already hypnotised and you need me to dehypnotise you

You Are Already Hypnotised

I really mean it, that is what you need me to do. Why? Because…You are already hypnotised. Think about it… If hypnosis is all about focus, attention. If hypnosis exacerbates things, makes them more real and more vivid by using the amazing abilities of the brain to your advantage, then together we are doing the […]

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Woman Empowered and Determined

Empowerment – What does it mean to you?

You see the word empowerment used a lot now, don’t you? But what does it really mean to you and does it even matter? The good old dictionary states empowerment as the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.  The authority or power given to someone […]

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You WILL Fail Unless You Do This

Woo hoo. We are into the New Year. That’s when you are going to have a fresh start, isn’t it? This year is going to be different. But do you really believe that? Consciously? Unconsciously? This time one year ago, what did you want to be different? Did you change that thing? If you were […]

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Weigh in every day or not at all

Im not a huge fan of weight loss communities that weigh in once a week. Nothing personal to the people that do them, but I just don’t think that it is a fair way to use the scales as a metric for the progress of weight loss. The body is made up of many components. […]

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