Anxiety: Resolved


Are you looking for help with anxiety?

Perhaps you find yourself not enjoying life the way you want to?

Stopping going out with your friends, or even finding enjoyment in the things you used to like.

Maybe your mind wanders off and starts thinking “what if” and creates your own cinematic experience of disaster, and you have no idea how to control that.

Wouldnt it be lovely to feel normal, just like you used to?

What have you tried so far to help with your anxiety?

Perhaps hypnosis could be the thing to help you finally take back control over this thing that is taken over your life!

Anxiety: Resolved is a powerful hypnosis recording that is designed to help you resolve your anxiety.

With this MP3 Kirsty Leitch guides you through:

  • A practice so you can control your nervous system,
  • Releasing the fear of the symptoms of your anxiety


  • Allowing your unconscious to resolve the causes of your anxiety in a safe and respectful way.

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If you are looking for hypnotherapy or something to help with anxiety, this mp3 could be the audio that you need.

By using this recording regularly, you will be able to work through the processes to resolve your anxiety.

You will learn techniques that will calm and relax you.


EU Customers Purchase Here


Do NOT listen to this recording whilst driving.

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