Online Hypnosis for Anxiety.

You can clear anxiety and crippling self-doubt. Become the confident you that you dream of.


Hypnotherapy for Anxiety. A treatment available wherever you are, so that you stop missing out on life.

Kirsty Leitch, Boost Therapy provides hypnosis for anxiety

"Anxiety is an emotion that shouldn't stop you in your tracks.
Hypnosis for anxiety is a way for you to feel comfortable to do the things you want to."

Kirsty Leitch, Boost Therapy. Anxiety hypnotherapist

Hey there, anxious one.

Get your confidence back, and free your mind of anxiety

Let’s free you of that shortness of breath, and that tightness in your chest.

 You didn’t sign up to live life thinking you are not good enough!

Every day, not knowing how you are going to get through because you know at some point that anxiety will rear its head.

The stress will come, and you will not be able to concentrate.

Sometimes thinking “I feel anxious for no reason!?” Others it’s that dread of going to work and being at that desk, dealing with everything. And everyone.


Have you been Googling “anxiety disorder” at 2 am to find out if you’re the only one, hoping something will tell you what to do?

It’s time to put a stop to relying on appointments with Dr Google and trying to figure things out all by yourself.

Boost Therapy (aka yours truly, Kirsty Leitch) will help you to sort out those anxiety symptoms so that you can feel calm, confident and in control.

Leaving you with the energy you need to love life, get on with your job or build your business as you dream of. You get to experience things how you want to.

How Can I Help You?

Ways to manage anxiety

Calm Confident and In Control Programme

REWIRE your mind, to move past the old issues and beliefs When you are calm, confident and in control you become your own cheerleader, and feel proud of what you achieve. -Emotionally Detox -Learn to feel good on purpose - Get to know the real you A 6 week programme to become truly you

Emotional Decluttering

Emotional Decluttering is for you if you are emotionally drained, overwhelmed, anxious and not sure where to focus your attention. 1 Hour to completely change how you feel and free from overwhelm.

Feel calm quickly hypnosis over an ocean that is still and calm


Access MP3s, EBooks, Printable PDFs all available for you to help your anxiety Whether you feel anxious for no reason, or you know what is causing it.

Kirsty Leitch hypnotherapist


Work with me 1-2-1 and we will put your own personal plan into place to help you take charge and get back to feeling more like you. More motivated to do the things you want and in control of those emotions


A 4 session programme to turn your fear of flying into a thing of the past, and you get to fly so calmly your biggest problem will be where to fly to next.


How to stop overthinking? Prevent Panic. Masterclasses and downloads await you.

What can hypnotherapy help with?


Hypnotherapy can help with lots of things, and you might be wondering what it can help you with. Read some of the things here


Download audios or self help classes to help you manage your anxiety in a time that is suitable for you.

By the way, I'm Kirsty, and I've been helping hundreds of successful women just like you, around the UK, Europe and USA since 2014, through 1-2-1 sessions and masterclasses to overcome self-doubt to find their inner confidence and help them to feel calmer and in control of themselves, their emotions and their boundaries.

I know how it feels to be exhausted from a busy mind, and non stop thoughts. I’m a home ed mum, business owner and wife and I don’t have time or energy to be wasting on not being able to be present because my body is one place and my mind is in another.

Having spent life going against the grain, being bullied and taken advantage of over and over again, being the quiet one with no friends because I was too afraid to speak up. I have learned how to reprogram my brain to believe in myself to build a successful business, move to a new town and find a feeling of belonging.

I am on a mission to help you believe in yourself, your abilities and your place in the world.

Because you should be able to take care of yourself and protect yourself from the not-so-nice people that you encounter.

You should be able to believe that you are worthy and that you are deserving of happiness, and success without feeling guilty because you have dreams.

Read more about Kirsty here


Kirsty Leitch, Boost Therapy. Anxiety hypnotherapist

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