Hypnotherapy for Children

Can you use hypnotherapy for children?

Children are GREAT at hypnosis

Happy Child

Better than us grown-ups in fact. They are open minded for a start! Children are wonderfully and wildly creative and so it is simple and natural for them to slip into hypnosis. There are less barriers than we have as adults, and we adults can take time and practice to learn how to visualise.

Hypnosis, is just a state of focus.

It’s our ‘tunnel vision’ on a particular subject of choice. It uses the imagination and visualisation. Children do this effortlessly and easily. They probably do it without you even realising. A child can easily create magical stories, and go one amazing adventures, able to envision better and brighter futures for themselves. Visualising that thing that is the problem – gone.

What is a hypnotherapy for children session like?

Just like with adult sessions, hypnotherapy for children means various things. Some children do close their eyes; others have theirs wide open. Sometimes we sit, sometimes we stand. Sometimes we are still and quiet, other times we might be giggling or making sound in some way.

We are always collaborating

Parents / guardians are in the room during sessions, and we all practice the techniques together. This not only reinforces to your child that we are supporting them, but that we work as a team. Most adults enjoy the techniques and can use them to go away and feel more relaxed themselves. Bonus!

Child Anxiety

Children are becoming increasingly anxious; life is more stressful for children just as it is for adults.  Problems and stressors come from all angles, whether it be difficulties at school, relationships, parents’ divorce, changes in their own bodies and how they feel about themselves.

Hypnosis for parents

If you are a parent and you would like to work through some techniques or tricks that you can use to help your child, we can arrange sessions where we work alone and you can then take your child through the exercises at home.

Working with Children

Not everyone is comfortable working with children. But rest assured this is a safe place and children are absolutely welcome.

I have 2 of my own children and in case you are interested, I have completed POEMS for Children training. POEMS stands for Positive Outcome and Experience Management Strategies. A training course run by Drs from Great Ormond Street Hospital (who also happen to be fully trained Hypnotherapists). They know a thing or two about children!

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