How to stop overthinking and quiet your anxious mind when your thoughts run a million miles an hour. Woman relaxed

Stop Overthinking and Quiet Your Anxious Mind In (just) Minutes Per Day Even When Your Thoughts Run A Million Miles Per Hour

  • Are your thoughts are running a million miles an hour?
  • And you just can’t get that inner voice to be quiet so you can get some peace?
  • You find you are thinking about stuff from days, weeks, months (or longer!) ago and you can’t shake the thought(s).
  • Is your head so busy and full that you just can’t decide what to do because there is SO much going on?

Non stop, overthinking is full-on. It is overwhelming! It’s EXHAUSTING. Everyone else seems to be ‘normal’ and getting on with their life, but you are drained just getting up and going about your day because you feel like you are dragging this sack of thoughts around with you wherever you go. You are NOT alone, honestly, so many people experience life, when their brain feels like it’s stuck on repeat. – – –

  • Imagine if you could press the pause button and get that all to stop for a bit.
  • Suppose you could then get some rest, like, real rest, for your mind and body.
  • Imagine having a trigger you could create and activate on purpose to get back to that peace with ease.

It’s really common for people to feel like you get stuck in your head, and have thoughts that just go round and round. What if? Did I? Can I? Should I? All of these questions, and second-guessing of yourself. Did I upset that person? Maybe I shouldn’t have said or done that thing? What are they thinking about me?

But what if you had a simple way, to get them to stop in their tracks so that you get a second to pause?

Even better, what if you could tune into that quietness whenever you needed to so that you had your own ‘switch’?

Something that would work with the things you are feeling in your body, and the thoughts that are in your mind?

Stop overthinking workshop review

Brilliant news, You Can!! If you were nodding your head, then you are going to love this. LOVE IT. My Stop Overthinking And Quiet Your Anxious Mind Workshop is coming up, where you will create your internal ‘switch’ ready to turn down the noise and increase the peace.

Why should you listen to me?

I’ve been helping people around the country since 2014. I was online supporting clients long before Zoom became popular, and I know how it feels to be exhausted from a busy mind, and non stop thoughts. I’m a home ed mum, business owner and wife and I don’t have time or energy to be wasting on not being able to be present because my body is one place and my mind is somewhere else. I’ve helped hundreds of people, overcome self-doubt and deal with thoughts that have been stopping them from doing things they want to do. Thoughts that just won’t leave and need to feel quiet. So many people benefit from this work you can quieten their minds even when you don’t think it will happen. You can experience stillness even when you never normally do.

Kirsty Leitch Hypnotist

What is Stop Overthinking and Quieten Your Anxious Mind?

It is an interactive online workshop that takes you through exactly what your brain is doing when you are in overthinking mode and will guide you through step-by-step what you need to do to stop it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This workshop is for you if you overthink and run the same thoughts round and round your head. If your thoughts cause you stress and panic, this workshop will show you how to stop that and take control of your thoughts rather than your thoughts taking control of you.

What do I need to access the workshop?

You will need Zoom to participate in the live workshop. A replay will be available afterwards. I recommend that if you have headphones you use them.

How much is it?

TThe investment for this masterclass is only £47

Will it work for me?

If you are willing to listen, learn and get stuck in, during the session you can absolutely learn some new skills that work. I will share a number of techniques so that you can find one (or more) that suits you best.

Do I have to talk to anyone?

No, of course not. Your thoughts are exactly that, yours. You don’t need to disclose anything. You know what’s going on inside of your head, you just need to be willing to put into practice the techniques that I share with you.

How long will it last?

You can expect the class to be around an hour – however it is a live class so you can ask any questions. It may be slightly longer, but don’t worry this won’t take your entire evening!

It’s going to be fun, and interactive and I will share with you the quickest, and easiest ways to quieten your mind, bring calm and stillness to the body so you can think straight, relax your body and rest easy.

There will also be a PDF / Ebook to support you too.

Here’s to less anxious thoughts, and a calmer mind!