Mindfulness Pack

Do you want to learn how to practice mindfulness?

Maybe you want to know how mindfulness fits into the real world, and want a way to feel less stressed? What if there were ways to practice mindfulness without meditating? Perhaps you could switch off from overthinking and increase concentration and attention?

Are you:

  • In need of some coping mechanisms to deal with stress and worry
  • Wanting to be able to switch off from overthinking?
  • Wanting to feel calm to be able to deal with the things that life throws at you? Maybe you need to be calm when others wind you up!
  • Too stressed dealing with so many things all at once – too much on your plate

You see…

the world we live in is SO busy now. It’s never-ending and it can feel like you can’t switch off. There doesn’t appear to be a moment’s peace. You are stressed at work and after you have worked yourself up all day you get home and can’t wind down. It feels like you are always ON.

You are not alone. This is so common and many people are suffering from overwhelm, overworked and are stressed. The only respite seemingly feels like is at the bottom of a bottle.

But what about if you don’t want to go that way? What about it you could debug your brain of all the crap that is floating around in it so that you have space to process and behave in a way that means you no longer need to panic? Would that be useful?

Practice Mindfulness for Work and Living in the Real World

The issue is that your wonderful brain goes through a fast-forwarding when it causes all of this panic. Like those cassette tapes of old📼

Your brain fast forwards and rewinds, but it uses all the information it has from the past to play these movies in your mind. All those emotions and images you have experienced before.

As marvellous as your brain is, it just doesn’t know the difference between what is actually happening right now (you are sat at your desk in front of the computer at work) and what that video is playing (you are so busy you can’t do all of the work, you’ll run out of time, you’ll then get in trouble with the boss, then you’ll get the sack. Then you’ll lose your house, your kids etc. etc. etc.) Your brain creates a WHOLE BIG PICTURE of disaster. No wonder your mind is chock-a-block full of stuff. There is literally no room to move because as far as your brain is concerned, all that stuff is actually happening right now!

What you need to do...

is hit that pause/play button? I have the exact thing that will help you to move into the NOW. Be present in the actual moment, rather than be absorbed in the movie in your mind that is telling you all these bad things are happening.  When you press that pause/play button it’s like you literally have the remote control. You decide on how you are going to act or react. You write the Script!

Which is why I think you will love This Mindfulness for Work and Living pack.

What’s Included:

Get the whole Mindfulness for Work and Living Pack.

This includes the PDF workbook where you will discover:

  • More about mindfulness and why you should be practising it
  • Understand your 'Default' Mode
  • If you are being selfish or not
  • You will know the difference between Informal and Formal mindfulness - For actual real world living
  • I give you Steps to Manage Stress
  • You learn to Understand your own stress response
  • Multi-tasking, Distraction & Procrastination
  • Maintaining A Mindful Life
  • Begin a Mindfulness Journal

You also get a total of 11 MP3s to guide you in your practice whilst you learn!

You will receive the Creating Self Compassion Meditation, Cultivating Loving Kindness meditation and a variety of meditations (with and without music) to become more aware of your body, breathing, sounds and thoughts