breathing exercises for anxiety, downloadable printable cards so that you never forget how to keep your anxiety in check

Breathing Exercises for Anxiety

You're anxious. You haven't got time to stop. You're hiding in the loo or sitting in the car, and you need to calm that inner panic down, but you don't remember (or know) what to do!

 Your brain is just too busy.

These breathing exercises for anxiety are SO simple, and if you are anxious or stressed,

these WILL calm your body.

This free printable is for you to keep with you, in your purse, bag or pocket. Anywhere you need them so that you can take control of your anxiety when it pops up.

I have created this free printable for you, for those times when you are needing to feel less anxious, and calmer and you just haven't got time to stop. For when you just need to get out of your head and take control over how your body is reacting, and all of the thoughts you are thinking.

This is for those moments when you just need something that is going to work, to take the edge off!

Download, print and cut out these super convenient breathing exercises for anxiety - they are reminders for your purse!


These are 3 of the easiest breathing exercises that will just make you feel calm.

This isn't about just making you feel more in control of your anxiety, although these exercises will help you to begin to do that. It's about giving yourself the opportunity to begin retraining your body in how it responds to anxiety in the first place.

These are designed to be printed on A4, and cut out. They are a little bigger than the size of a business card.

If you print on card they will last you longer!

Laminate them, and I'll give you a gold star ⭐

As an added bonus, you get 2 copies - so you can keep them in separate places or hand a set to your friend.


So Download and enjoy, and do let me know how you get on, keep an eye out for the email that will deliver these exercises for anxiety straight to your inbox, and you'll also get some demos of how to do this too.

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