3 tricks to stop anxiety fast

Anxiety relief in under 1 minute. Hack your brain, soothe your nervous system.

Anxiety is awful. It takes over your life and sends you into a cycle of worry and fear.

It wakes you in the night. It stops you in your tracks.

What if… this scary thing happens…?

It makes you self-conscious.

You doubt yourself all the time.

It’s like you are trapped in a really terrible series on Netflix and you can’t find the remote.


I really need to share something with you that is going to help.

Anxiety is just science.

is an intense focus, that happens in your mind and body, that releases chemicals. Your mind makes a movie for you about what might happen.

You imagine something bad.

Your body feels like it is real.

You activate your fight or flight response.

More thoughts pop up in your head, adding to your movie.

The cycle repeats itself. Keeping you trapped.


But, because it’s just a bunch of chemicals, you can treat it and cancel out the BAD chemicals with GOOD ones.

I have 3 things you can do, that will get your body to release the good chemicals.

Learn how to soothe your nervous system, hack your brain and take control.

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