Overcome Fear of Needles


A powerful hypnosis recording to help you overcome your fear of needles.

This instant download MP3 guides you through a process so that you can:

  • become more relaxed around needles
  • think about injections without panicking
  • get injected without feeling paralysed by fear. This means you can get vaccinated or give blood!

I also

  • teach you a quick and simple method for reducing the likelihood of fainting, if that has happened to you in the past.

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If you are looking for hypnotherapy to overcome the fear of needles mp3, this could be the audio that you need.

This self-hypnosis can help you to overcome your fear of needles, so you can get a vaccination or an injection. Or even to give blood.

As you listen you will notice that you become more relaxed whilst thinking about needles or injections.

Needle phobia, also known as Trypanophobia, is common. Often times fear of needles has started because of an unpleasant experience and bad memories from the past. Although not always the case.

This audio is for you if you have a fear of needles and want to be able to be in situations where needles may be present, feeling calm. This can be extremely beneficial if you are

  • wanting to go on holiday and need travel vaccinations
  • are worried about getting the COVID-19 vaccination
  • having or wanting to have a baby and need tests
  • diabetic and need to inject insulin etc
  • wanting to donate blood

Getting injections is good for maintaining your health, and this audio can help you alleviate your fears of the needles.

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If you prefer a completely tailored session to get over your fear of needles, you can always work with me one to one

Do NOT listen to this recording whilst driving.

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