End Emotional Eating


Feed Your Mind, Not Your Behind
End Emotional Eating

Helps you gain control over your eating habits by managing your emotions. If you are tired of being and emotional eater – NOW you can do something about it….
Fed Up being and emotional eater?

Are you FED UP of eating when you are not even hungry?
Is food THERAPY instead of Fuel?
Do you eat all of the wrong things because of your emotions?

NOW you can do something about it.


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The programme includes 3 Audio Hypnosis sessions:

  • Release stress & negatve emotions
  • Get Over Over-Eating
  • Ultimate Confidence Booster

And 2 E-Books:

  • End Emotional Eating – Feed Your Mind, Not Your Behind.

Your guide to understanding what emotional eating is, why it happens & what you can do to stop it
Learn about you, your triggers and the type of eater you are (soon not to be…)
When is the optimum time for you to eat and when you are truly hungry


  • Food Diary to support you through, helping you track:

What, When and Why you are eating & drinking
Keeps you on top of progress

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