A holiday for your brain


Hypnotic Mind Massage

A visit to the Hypno Spa is a great way to introduce yourself to hypnotherapy. It's also a fabulous way to give yourself a little treat, and Boost yourself.

Take yourself on your ultimate retreat.

A Mind Massage at the HypnoSpa is a 30 minute hypnosis session where you can experience deep relaxation and energise your mind, leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalised.

Imagine being able to quieten all of the chatter, all those thoughts of "I must do this", "I musn't forget that", " I have to.." "I should.." Just clear your mind and allow yourself to fully relax and enjoy peace, quiet and comfort.

Treating yourself is a wonderful thing to do and we often think about our bodies needing to rest. What a special treat this could be to yourself, giving your mind the opportunity to just wind down, and rejuvinate.

Mind Massage

You can use the HypnoSpa to massage your mind and do some stress busting or boost your:

  • Happiness
  • Confidence
  • Motivation

These sessions are not designed to treat any conditions or problems that you are experiencing, but a way to give you a bit of inner calm, some well deserved quiet time.

If you decide you would like to use hypnotherapy to help you resolve any problems you may be experiencing in your life after the session, you are welcome to discuss with me then.

Please note, we will complete a short questionnaire prior to the session, and discuss things that you like, and find relaxing before beginning hypnosis. Therefore please allow at least 45 mintues for the session.

A Mind Massage is Just £40 Book Now

A Mind Massage - Poem

It was a prize
At the Christmas party.
A "Mind Massage"? -
I'll try this for me!

I was stressed when I arrived
But that soon disappeared.
As soon as Kirsty spoke
My mind just cleared.

Feet up, soft music on:
Oooh, total relaxation.
For me the time flew.
After, I felt brand new.

I know a few people
Who'd enjoy one of these
Spend time with Kirsty
And she will definitely please.

Fiona M, Romsey