Fears & Phobias

Is there a difference between a fear and a phobia?

Fear Vs Phobia


A fear is a response to danger, it is natural and it’s a useful thing to have programmed in. There are after all, some things we should be afraid of – you would have a really great reason to be fearful of a wild, hungry lion up in your face. That’s danger. Fear is warranted in a situation like this. This survival instinct has kept you safe, but sometimes it’s a bit too sensitive to be useful to you.

A phobia is something you couldn’t do. It’s an irrational fear, excessive, and generally the reaction is exaggerated in regards to the event that is causing the phobia. There is a fear of the fear, so not only are you afraid of the thing that’s causing you the fear, but you are also afraid of being afraid too.

Using flying in an aeroplane as an example, someone with a Fear of Flying would be really anxious leading up to the flight, would dread being at the airport they could get on the plane but have a dreadful time on the flight. Someone with a Phobia of flying would have a worse experience and need sedation like Mr T in the A-TEAM “I ain’t getting on no aeroplane Fool!”




Where do fears and phobias come from?

Often phobias are learned. When you are young and you see your parents acting and reacting in certain ways, you learn to be like them, you model their behaviour because that’s the only way you know how. So if you see a parent who is scared of spiders and reacts in a certain way, you also learn that is the way you should be acting and reacting and continue into adulthood.

Sometimes an experience can make you become phobic. For example, going to the dentist, and having to put on one of those face masks, having a bad experience can lead you to become claustrophobic, or having a fear of the dentist.

How to remove Fears and Phobias

Hypnotherapy for phobias and fears is a quick effective method for getting rid of the problem. I use fast, modern techniques to remove the energy from the fear or phobia, so instead of that nagging voice inside of your head telling you, you can’t cope, those sweaty palms, and racing heart you can feel calmer, confident and know that you are in control of your body and mind. I can help re-programme your mind with useful, beneficial actions and reactions, and uncover your hidden strengths to help you cope in any situation.

Imagine it now, that fear or phobia, no longer bothering you. Imagine taking a flight, and actually enjoying the movie. Imagine having the windows open at home without a worry that a spider may come inside. Imagine not putting off doing the things that you want to do, taking part in all of those things you are missing out on. Wondering what it was you were even afraid of in the first place…

Hypnotherapy can help you resolve so many fears. The most common fears are:

Fear of Needles

Fear of flying

Fear of spiders

How long will it take?

As I use fast techniques you can be free from fear or phobias in one, sometimes two sessions, that’s it!

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