Does Hypnosis Work? Read Boost Therapy Reviews

I truly am privileged to work with some amazing people, and I love the fact that some of those people take the time to write back to me and keep in touch when therapy finishes. Here's what they have to say: You can read more reviews on Facebook and on Google+


"After a gruelling 12 months of cancer treatment including chemo, surgery then more chemo combined with radiotherapy, my body had had enough and I suffered from nausea constantly, usually followed by heaving and unable to cook as I was unable to cope with the smell of food cooking.  I researched and chose Kirsty due to her experience with people dieting and her knowledge of syndromes I was suffering from. The therapy has been a great help and I can go days without feeling nauseous and weeks without heaving, I can even tolerate food smells and when I can't the coping mechanisms taught to me help relax and bring my panic under control. I am now back at work regularly which I doubt would be possible without the treatment I received.  

I know that whatever happens I will cope and if I need further help, Kirsty is always there for me."

C Yates, March 2017


"Visiting Kirsty was the best thing I have ever done. I had been feeling depressed, anxious and completely detached from myself after a series of traumatic events. Within three sessions I fell completely put back together and back to the 'me' before the trauma. Thank you Kirsty!"

Emily B, Trauma Resolution October 2016


I have to say a huge thank you also for the support you gave me, it was inspirational. Since we last spoke, I have completed the great south run in 93mins, my park run time has improved by 3 mins and I am now running sub 25. My next objective is a sub 2 hour half marathon, and I know I can achieve that. I am so grateful for your help and use your training techniques all the time when I'm training, it has been truly invaluable.
I am fitter, lighter, happier and very much committed to be physically the best I can be and you have played a big part in that..

Simon B, Sports Performance, February 2016

PhobiaHWHayley W, Phobia

PainManagementKRKatheryn R, Pain Management



A Mind Massage

It was a prize
At the Christmas party.
A "Mind Massage"? -
I'll try this for me!

I was stressed when I arrived
But that soon disappeared.
As soon as Kirsty spoke
My mind just cleared.

Feet up, soft music on:
Oooh, total relaxation.
For me the time flew.
After, I felt brand new.

I know a few people
Who'd enjoy one of these
Spend time with Kirsty
And she will definitely please.

Fiona M, Romsey HypnoSpa Mind Massage, January 2016



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