Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

When you say the word ‘diet’ you associate it with restriction, and all of the things you can’t have.When you are on a diet, do you say “Im being good this week”, or “I can’t have that, Im on a diet” ? Then do you find that you want it even more, spending the rest of the day thinking about what you are not supposed to be eating?

Then finally you do lose some weight and can wear that new dress or suit,  and you go back to eating normally again. You go back to comfort eating, or boredom eating and the fat just piles back on again.

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Hypnotherapy for PTSD / Trauma

Trauma can happen to anyone who experiences a terrifying, frightening event. The event causes you to experience physical, emotional, psychological distress, for example helplessness, horror or fear. It is an experience that is percieved as a threat of unjury or death. What if your life could be ‘normal’ again? If you could feel like ‘you’ again?

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Pain Relief Signage

Hypnotherapy for Pain

Life is full of ups and downs, and can be challenging for us all, but when you live with pain daily, life is even harder. Even more so when people cannot see your pain, they don’t always understand or believe the extent of it. Others might see you on a good day, and think “She looks fine to me, it can’t be that bad“.

But it really can be that bad, especially on a bad day. When you can’t get out of bed, and tiredness has become a real problem, maybe ‘tired’ doesn’t even begin to describe the exhaustion you feel. Maybe the medication isn’t really helping your pain as much as it used to, you might feel like you’re stuck on a see-saw with sleep on one end and pain at the other, a truly challenging balancing act.

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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Is your anxiety holding you back? Anxiety is a feeling of worry or nervousness, and although you may feel it You are not alone Anxiety is increasingly common in in our lives today, and many people are dealing with anxiety at different points in their lives. Anxiety is a natural process that has evolved with us, and is part of our natural instinct to protect ourselves. This survival response is fight or flight mode, and is how we respond when we encounter danger. However, our body and the adrenaline produced cannot tell the difference between real danger or danger just…

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Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

Are you ready to become a Non-Smoker? If the answer is “Yes”, then don’t wait!

Choose today to be the start of the new you!


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Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias

Fear Vs Phobia – What’s the difference?

A fear is a response to danger, it is natural and it’s a useful thing to have programmed in. There are after all, some things we should be afraid of – you would have a really great reason to be fearful of a wild, hungry lion up in your face. That’s danger. Fear is warranted in a situation like this. This survival instinct has kept you safe, but sometimes it’s a bit too sensitive to be useful to you.

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HypnoSpa – A Holiday for your Brain

A visit to the Hypno Spa is a great way to introduce yourself to hypnotherapy. It’s also a fabulous way to give yourself a little treat, and Boost yourself.

Take yourself on your ultimate retreat.

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