Ready to chuck out the cigarettes and breathe again?

Imagine being free of that heavy weight in your chest, smelling better and drastically improving your health.

Stop smoking in ONE HOUR!

I can help you to quit smoking, I have helped lots of people do the same, and to get back a healthier quality of life. Not to mention save thousands of pounds to be spent on more fun with the family.

Get hypnotised to stop smoking.

Hypnosis has a proven success rate in helping people to stop smoking. More so than patches or gums. We don't even really know what vapes are doing to your insides, but it probably ain't good for you.

Together we can address the issue once and for all, in that part of your mind where you keep going back for more.

You and I can work together to communicate with your unconscious self and re-programme that need for a cigarette. Clear out the behaviour and use that energy for something good, something that will benefit you.

Imagine not being frustrated with yourself because you keep lighting up.

How much money will you save? What could you be doing with those extra £1000s every year in your pocket?

get hypnotised to stop smoking

How does stop smoking hypnosis work?

My approach is based on not only you stopping smoking, but staying a non-smoker. Maintain that new healthy habit that means you get more living out of your life, and a whole lot less huffing and puffing.

Stop Smoking Program

  • Let's first identify how your life will be as a non-smoker.

Walking up the stairs without getting out of breath, playing with the grandchildren, and seeing their sassiness as they grow up.

Maybe your goal is about having a house that doesn't smell and having friends and family that want to come around and be with you in your home because they no longer leave smelling like an ashtray.

Maybe you want to just feel better.

  • We talk about your habit and the things you do as a smoker.

Maybe you hide out at the kitchen table when no one is there and think you can get away with it because you open a window and light a candle. Perhaps you've got your process down to a tee.

  • You have your first hypnotic experience, where you get to rewire the habit and reprogram your unconscious for health and vitality.

You get to go about your life being a non-smoker, before connecting with me again

  • Yes, you get 2 sessions! Why? Because first, you get to become a non-smoking version of yourself. In the second session, we build up your confidence, and you get to tune into all the amazing things you might have forgotten about yourself. You get to embed life as a non-smoker into your unconscious on an even deeper level than before.

Session 1:

Become the non-smoker you dream of.

Session 2:

Train your unconscious to be completely uninterested in any tobacco products, even if you're offered a cigarette. Be confident that in the future you can say no.


What are you waiting for?

Choose today to be the start of the new you!


If you are ready to Stop Smoking and want to learn more about how Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can help you become a Non-Smoker, or if you are ready to take the leap and just do it, book an appointment with me send me a message on my Contact Page or

Call: Kirsty on: 07841 413 134


You can also get ongoing support and track your progress, not to mention learn how much money you saved by quitting smoking at Quitza. The online community for people Quitting Smoking with Hypnosis