You are already hypnotised and you need me to dehypnotise you

You Are Already Hypnotised...

You Need Me to De-Hypnotise You

I really mean it, that is what you need me to do. Why? Because…You are already hypnotised.

Think about it… If hypnosis is all about focus, attention. If hypnosis exacerbates things, makes them more real and more vivid by using the amazing abilities of the brain to your advantage, then together we are doing the opposite of what you are already doing.

Woman thinking about herself negatively

A Message In Your Brain

You are already hypnotised. You have a message in your brain that is telling you something about yourself or the environment around you. Perhaps that message came from an ex-partner. Maybe that message came from someone else, or a product of an event that happened. Irrespective of where it originated, you have a piece of information inside of you that is telling you something. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that message is a crap one and doesn’t make you feel good.

For example, you think you are not good enough as you are. Perhaps that message tells you are too fat. Or you are unattractive.  Maybe it tells you that no one is interested in what you have to say, or people will laugh at you if you say it out loud. That message says “I am _________ (fill in the blank).

Let's face it, you have got enough ammunition to fill that up, haven’t you?

Stuck On Repeat

Then your brain repeats it. Maybe because it has heard it so often, your brain repeats that message over and over, just so you don’t forget. And it becomes a belief, it skews your vision of yourself. Like looking in one of those funky circus mirrors. You have been hypnotised into believing that ‘X’ value is true about you and it alters your self-image. Remember your self-image is your core component.

If This Were On Your Phone

So day after day, you drift around with an error in your coding. All because you heard a message. A piece of data made its way in and you were hypnotised to believe it true, so your brain made it a part of your core component. Your self-image.

Basically, if that happened to your phone, (let’s say you have an iPhone) you receive a text message and all of a sudden your phone thinks you should get your apps from Google play store. You KNOW that shit is not true. Google play store is for ANDROID.

Confused, thinking badly about yourself doesnt tmake any sense

De-Hypnotise and Delete

Does that make sense why we need to de-hypnotise? We’ve got to go and find that text message, delete it and send you a new one. Because if you are going around life downloading apps from the wrong shop, nothing ever works quite how it was designed to.

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