3 tips about what hypnosis is really like swining watch

3 Tips About What Hypnosis Is Like

What is hypnosis like? What if I don’t go under? Hypnosis isn’t about you going under anything. So fear not. Hypnosis is pure focus. It is directing your attention to a particular thing (or problem/behaviour) that you want to change. I guide you and give directions for you to focus your attention on so that […]

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You are already hypnotised and you need me to dehypnotise you

You Are Already Hypnotised

I really mean it, that is what you need me to do. Why? Because…You are already hypnotised. Think about it… If hypnosis is all about focus, attention. If hypnosis exacerbates things, makes them more real and more vivid by using the amazing abilities of the brain to your advantage, then together we are doing the […]

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