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Stop Thinking Negatively - 3 top tips for intrusive thoughts

Set yourself up to NOT fail, so that you stop thinking negatively

I am going to explain to you how you can start re-writing your goals and intrusive thoughts in a way that your brain wants to achieve them, instead of setting yourself up for failure.

At the end of this article, you will find a free download to help you stop thinking negatively and reframe those intrusive thoughts.


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The past trained you to feel badly about yourself

It all starts with being really intentional about it. I said in my last video (you can watch that one on YouTube) that you need to know what it is that you want to start thinking differently about. What is it that you want to achieve for yourself? Not what you are trying to move away from.

So right now let's say you think really badly about yourself and you cannot stop thinking negatively about lots of things.

You are in this situation either because someone in your past has trained you to think this way, or you have had so many negative experiences you have now trained your own brain to assume, or predict, to expect all the bad things will continue to happen.

Yeah, of course, there will be bad things that happen that’s life, but when your brain is defaulting to thinking you're worthless, that you are foolish, that everyone else is better than you are those patterns are activating automatically. Just like you breathing – it just happens, your heart just beats, and you don’t consciously think about it to get it working. But what you need to do here, is to engage in a process.

Stop Negative Thinking, Start Processing Postives

Because it is a process, it's not the flick of a light switch when one moment you’re a negative thinker and the next you’ve got toxic positivity. That’s a whole other video.

You engage in a process where you work on that default setting in your brain to start changing. To amend, to learn how to start thinking in a different way. To be deliberate and direct.

The number one thing that stops you from achieving your goals is the way that you think, so how do you change your life? How do you stop thinking negatively about things?

I’m curious to know what is it that you are thinking that you want to change. Let me know down below in the comments maybe we can collectively come together and get some new thoughts that would support instead of destroy you.


Setting Goals In A Way That Your Brain Wants You To Succeed

So when you are setting your goal instead of saying I don’t want to be fat anymore, I don’t want to be so flustered, I don’t want people to think I'm silly if I speak up in a meeting, What is it that you want to have there instead?

So no, not I don’t want to be fat anymore, I want to be healthy.

No, not I don’t want to be flustered all the time, it's I want to feel calm and in control.

Instead of I don’t want people to think that I'm foolish if I speak up in a meeting, how about, I have experience and knowledge that I can share?

Remember that fear that you are not good enough, you’re an imposter is from that old programming, doesn’t mean it's fact.

You might not like this, but you have to pay attention to the thing that you want to move away from in order to change it. So I have a super short template that you can use to help you work through that thought pattern so that you can stop thinking negatively and flip it so that you know where you want that thought to go. With intention, deliberately. Get my 'Flip Your Thoughts' template to stop negative thinking in your inbox.

If this has been useful for you, and check out the next video – part 2 of setting yourself up for success where I talk about what to do in order to start actioning the thought to achieve the goal.. 3 simple ways to get yourself to start a new habit



Flip Your Thoughts - Stop Thinking Negatively

Use this free download to help you work through changing those thoughts. Flip that frown upside down.

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