Setting Out on new journey

Read this when you’ve had enough

Read this when you’ve had enough

We’ve all been there. Started something, felt great at the beginning, motivated and on fire, but then it gets hard, and we start thinking “I can’t” “I won’t be able to..” and the excuses come creeping in.

The simplest thing I can say is to be present in what you are doing. What you are trying to achieve. Stop predicting the future.

When you can do that, be present I mean, achieving your goals is a whole lot easier. What I am about to share with you can be applied to just about anything. Your work, your home life, personal achievements etc. Whatever you are attempting to do, your mind needs to be on your side, otherwise you will inevitably end up giving up. For example losing weight is not complex, the process is simple. But it is not easy; it’s a hard, and can be, a long journey. If you are doing it right it doesn’t have to be painful. Get your head in the game, focus and think right.

Setting Out on new journey

The most powerful words in the world

I am, I Do , I Deserve, I Know.

    • I am eating the right foods. Let’s face it, if you are honest with yourself then you know whether you are or not. Lying to yourself only hurts you, no one else really cares.
    • I do the work. Again you know if you are putting the effort in. Be real about it.
    • I deserve to lose weight. If you don’t believe you deserve to achieve it then how are you ever going to do it?
    • I know I am doing a great job. Really know that you are. It’s a journey.

That is a really simple way to explain it, and something that can resonate with a lot of people. This can be applied to much more difficult situations as well though. For instance PTSD / Trauma recovery is something I am very passionate about, but those who are suffering with trauma can find it difficult to apply this thought process. That traumatising event is still with you daily, it’s with you at night-time. You might be thinking “How can you possibly begin to think in such a way?” especially if guilt, or shame is present.

When we work together though, I can help you bring about fundamental changes in your thinking patterns, and you begin to realise that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is life after the ‘event’. That of course is only one step in the process, but it is a vital step that we take together to recover from PTSD.

When you have survived a traumatic event, and are living and breathing but not really living life, you might not be able to even get your head around how much impact this can have for you.

This is a good example for someone who works with me, using various techniques including hypnotherapy for PTSD / trauma recovery:

I Am, I Do, I Deserve, I Know

    • I AM still here / I Am Alive. This is true, it is honest. No one can deny it. I am a survivor.
    • I DO my homework; I do put the effort in. You learn valuable techniques in session, for example to build resilience, emotional strength, and confidence; you need to apply those outside of the therapy room too.
    • I DESERVE to be happy. I deserve to recover fully. You absolutely do. If you feel any blame or guilt about what happened to you, we work on managing those and changing the way you feel about it so you honestly believe you do deserve to come out shining.
    • I KNOW I am on the right path. Knowing that every step you are taking, is taking you in the right direction.  There’s no ‘will’ or ‘want’ about it. If you keep telling yourself you want to do something or will do something, you are not actually doing it. You just keep on wanting or willing it to happen. Commit to a plan of action that is going to work for you, and know  that every time you achieve your milestone you are doing it.

No one reached their goal over one night. Unless you won the lottery and being rich was your goal.

Whoever got in a car to go somewhere and stopped half way through the drive??

Lady carrying baggage and shoesI recently left my Andover hypnotherapy practice and travelled to Coventry for some training. I didn’t give up at the first set of lights because they were red. Just because there was a horse in the Road didn’t make me think. “For goodness sakes this is taking too long, I’ll go back.”
I kept on driving because I had some place to be. I had a destination at the end of my journey. You do too.

BE on your journey. Overcome the obstacles, allow the road to slow you, climb the hills, if your shoes hurt take them off, drag your baggage, and continue in the right direction. How great is it going to be when you get there!

Whatever you do, Stop stopping! If you would like more information on hypnotherapy and how it could help you reach your goals get in touch today.

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