Comparing yourself to others, when everyone seems further ahead than you

Comparing Yourself - Everyone Seems Further Ahead Than Me

I’m continuing this mini-series on setting goals you will actually achieve! So you have your ‘what’ (this is what your goal is!). You have your ‘why’ (your reasons for making the change) and now you know how you can connect with that goal (get that emotional connection going), GREAT. But what about comparing yourself to other people? Are you thinking that you are behind everyone else?

If you were actively focusing on you what would you be noticing?

Everyone is doing better than me

You’re on the outside looking in. You can see all the other people around you who already have succeeded or are miles ahead of where you are right now. They already have their stuff in order and they are effortlessly smashing their goals. Are you feeling like you are the only one struggling?

Comparison is the thief of joy

Firstly, you don’t really know what is going on, inside their heads. You don’t know how they are feeling, or what action steps they have actively taken. Do you know how long they have even been on this path? So many variables. Also, let's face it, who actively promotes all of their rubbish on Facebook or Insta? It is all the glamorous pics and the selfie’s that took 100 takes to get the perfect shot. This leaves you to see exactly what others want you to see.

Secondly, your attention is in the wrong direction. If you were actively focusing on you, what would you be noticing? You would be able to see what changes you have already made. You would be able to recognise where you have moved from. You would see YOUR step one to where you are now. Rather than seeing someone else step twenty for example.


Comparing Yourself To Others

Pay attention to any emotions that you feel when you compare yourself to others when you are thinking that everyone is further ahead than you. When you are thinking negatively about yourself you are most likely feeling disheartened. Perhaps there is envy or jealousy. Maybe there is anger and fear. There is a whole host of emotions you could be feeling and not a single one of them is the kind of emotion that is connecting you in a positive way to your own goal.

Where You Are Is Fine, For Now

Where you are in your journey, is exactly where you are supposed to be. Progress and success is rarely a straight line, shooting through the stratosphere. It takes time and commitment. Even those overnight success stories have taken years of grinding. So remember, this is about YOU, and not anyone else. Remind yourself WHY you wanted to have this goal. That way you reconnect with why you are on this path. Have gratitude in yourself and the steps you have taken and the ones you have planned. Its a great way to start liking yourself and shares 6 great reasons you should do that  right here.

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Win The Race And Achieve Your Goal

Your sure-fire way to guarantee a win and to succeed is to compare yourself with you. Compare yourself with where you started, with where you are now and how much closer you are to where you want to be. That is the race you can definitely win.

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