self care is preserving you energising you refuelling you

Avoiding Self Care?

Have you been avoiding taking care of yourself properly, because you feel selfish? Guilty? I mean you are so busy, and you have so many roles to play. You have a work hat, partner hat, daughter hat, sibling, friend, colleague, mum etc etc You get the drift, and how many of those roles have things […]

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3 tips about what hypnosis is really like swining watch

3 Tips About What Hypnosis Is Like

What is hypnosis like? What if I don’t go under? Hypnosis isn’t about you going under anything. So fear not. Hypnosis is pure focus. It is directing your attention to a particular thing (or problem/behaviour) that you want to change. I guide you and give directions for you to focus your attention on so that […]

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New years on slow speed

New Years’ On Slow Speed

How about you don’t? How has it worked out for you in the past? I wonder if this new years’ you give yourself time to think about what actually means something to you. Instead of rushing in, and thinking you can make all the changes overnight, and then be disheartened in 2 weeks’ time when […]

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How To Help someone with anxiety, image of friends

How To Help Someone With Anxiety

How Can I help my friend with anxiety? I have had a few people ask me what is the best way to help someone with anxiety this week. Maybe you know people who are stressed or anxious right now. Let’s face it a pandemic can do that for you! And maybe those people do not […]

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