self care is preserving you energising you refuelling you

Are You Avoiding Self Care?

Have you been avoiding taking care of yourself properly, because you feel selfish?

Guilty? I mean you are so busy, and you have so many roles to play. You have a work hat, partner hat, daughter hat, sibling, friend, colleague, mum etc etc You get the drift, and how many of those roles have things to do, tasks and actions to complete. All of them.



self care is preserving you, energising you, refuelling you

You can't ditch life for self care

You’ve got bills to pay right, so you can’t ditch the job to take some of the load off, and also may not be the best idea to ditch the family either… so what do you do? You're stuck between a rock and a hard place. You have needs too though, but they are at the bottom of the pile, because you don’t have time for you, and if you do put you first then it’s a bit selfish. Right?

Let me ask you how good would it be if you burn out or break down?

What would happen? Think of your job, your family, your home, your car… What would happen if you could not work? I’m not saying that to try and upset you, but seriously, if you couldn’t work and you had the benefit of hindsight, would you still think that self-care was selfish. If you had the power to stop all of those things from happening, would you do it?
That’s what self-care is, Its preserving you. Energising you and refuelling you so that you can continue with life and everything that it has to throw at you. I don't think that is selfish at all, do you? I think it is vital.

Self Care doesn't have to take ages

I need tools that work quickly and efficiently because I am busy. I know you are too. That's why I have created these things to help you. You only need minutes at a time, and that is a great way for you to start out.

What's more, you get everything saved in my Free Wellbeing Resource hub so you don't have to worry about losing anything.

Breathing Techniques For Calm - An ultra-convenient, discreet printable of breathing techniques to keep in your bag or phone when you need it most

Mindful Relaxation - 10 minute mp3 to feel more like you again

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