self care is preserving you energising you refuelling you

Avoiding Self Care?

Have you been avoiding taking care of yourself properly, because you feel selfish? Guilty? I mean you are so busy, and you have so many roles to play. You have a work hat, partner hat, daughter hat, sibling, friend, colleague, mum etc etc You get the drift, and how many of those roles have things […]

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3 tips about what hypnosis is really like swining watch

3 Tips About What Hypnosis Is Like

What is hypnosis like? What if I don’t go under? Hypnosis isn’t about you going under anything. So fear not. Hypnosis is pure focus. It is directing your attention to a particular thing (or problem/behaviour) that you want to change. I guide you and give directions for you to focus your attention on so that […]

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