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3 Tips About What Hypnosis Is Like

What is hypnosis like? What if I don't go under?

Hypnosis isn't about you going under anything. So fear not.

Hypnosis is pure focus.

It is directing your attention to a particular thing (or problem/behaviour) that you want to change.

I guide you and give directions for you to focus your attention on so that the focus turns inwards at the issue.

When you are relaxing though, definitely feel free to be under a blanket 😉

A common misconception

A common misconception about hypnosis is that you will lose control.

That is simply not the case. Hypnosis is pure focus, and a good hypnotist is there to guide you through a process.

Allow me to explain in a super simple way. Cast your mind back to when times were simple for travel and you were on holiday. Some guy would be standing at the front of the bus with a microphone. He would be doing all the talking, telling you about that place, the things that you could see. He guided you to look in a particular direction. YOU did the looking. The guide didn't force you to look, you heard an instruction and made the decision to follow.

That's how hypnosis works from my point of view - I'm the guide giving you directions and instructions, you do the looking.

The biggest mistake newbies to hypnosis or meditation make

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to meditate or use self-hypnosis is to just close their eyes and expect their brain to just shut off --- and then they feel disappointed when they have random thoughts pop into their head.

Instead of going in with the expectation that your personal practice will be perfect straight away, how about you can set the intention that this is a new skill that you can learn for yourself. And just like learning a language - you need to practice and do it more than once.

How about you set a goal of just 5 minutes per day of just being in your space around you and noticing what you notice.

Or use a guided audio track, just like my FREE wellbeing hub


Remember we are taking things slow, and learning piece by piece - I hope that helps just a tad!

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