How To Successfully Achieve Your Goal

SO now it's time to find out how to successfully achieve your goal, that you have set for yourself. You now know why you are doing this. If you don’t, maybe go and read this post, because you will fail unless you do this

You have set a target for yourself because you want something to be different. Changed somehow, in a way that Improves you personally, improves your lifestyle. You should absolutely write it down in that beautiful journal that you treated yourself to. I hope you had an interesting time figuring out what your reason was.

I love simple. Everything I teach is simple. It is Practice that makes it easy.

The super-simple way

I don’t like making things difficult. My brain does not appear to be programmed to be turned on by arduous tasks, especially when they do not need to be. I LOVE simple. Whereas I can guarantee the steps are simple, I cannot promise that they are always easy. Everything that we do well we practice and become better at, and this is no different. But it is fine for you because you are committed to making your change!

You have you're why. It should mean something to YOU. Whether that is by proxy because of your genuine love for another, or whether it affects only you. It doesn’t matter. You have you're why. You know WHY you want to make that change.

What you need to do with that now is really, truly and absolutely connect with that reason.


You have your why, here's 4 steps to achieve your goal easily

First and foremost this is one of the absolute BEST ways to use your meditation or self-hypnosis skills. When your brain is moving through those alternate brain waves, this is the best time to connect emotionally with your goal. It is what begins to make change almost effortless. So go ahead and find some time when you won't be disturbed. Get into hypnosis or a meditative state, then once you are there do this:


Think about what you want to achieve. This could be diet or weight loss, quitting smoking,  reading more. Whatever that thing is that you want to change. Get it really clear in your mind now.


Begin to imagine yourself having already achieved that thing. You have already made the change. See yourself actually on the other side of the process of change. Successful, happy and proud!


Connect with everything that this means for you. Make it as if it was absolutely real right now. How successful do you feel? Proud? Joyful? What emotions do you feel and what thoughts are you thinking in that moment?


Save that feeling, and keep in it whatever way feels right for you. There is no wrong way here. Your unconscious is AMAZING, trust in you.

woman smiling

Thank You For All Of Your Hard Work

When you exit hypnosis or meditation, always make time to say thank you to yourself. Put the effort in and notice what you are doing for yourself. Say Thank you and Mean IT! You deserve the recognition of making these additions to your lifestyle

Feel That Connection

I hope that you can really FEEL your connection with your end goal. Tuning in this way, and practising this process is the BEST way to get all parts of yourself on your side and achieving the things you really want.


If you need any help. Let me know. I would be delighted to support you.

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