You WILL fail unless you do this

Woo hoo. We are into the New Year. That’s when you are going to have a fresh start, isn’t it?

This year is going to be different. But do you really believe that? Consciously? Unconsciously? This time one year ago, what did you want to be different? Did you change that thing? If you were a success, then make sure you take the time to applaud yourself! Tell yourself well done. You deserve that recognition.

But what about, it’s now one year later and nothing has changed? You are in the same space, the same frame of mind.  Tell me, is this you now; You have your goals written down, you even bought a lovely new journal (YAY, for stationary!) because that new piece of kit is going to do everything for you that you were missing out on last time around. Maybe you have a new membership or a piece of equipment that is definitely going to be the key this time.

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Don't make a resolution

I would love for this year to be the year that makes a difference for you, the year where you achieve the things that you set for yourself.  It totally can be. Which is why I must share with you something that you most probably are forgetting to add to your plan. But first, don’t make this a resolution.

Now if you’ve been a reader for a while you know that I’m not hugely into New Year’s Resolutions. It’s not that I’m against resolutions, I’m just not a fan of waiting until January to start something that you want to do in order to better yourself. To Develop should never be put on the back burner. But with a ‘resolution’ comes so much pressure. Every day is an opportunity to make a change, make a commitment to yourself. So let’s leave that pressure right here. Park it up and carry on reading.

Make it this instead

The thing you are forgetting is to make a commitment to yourself. You are always with you. Wherever you go, you are there, but somehow, that seems to be low on your list of priorities. You show up for others all the time:

  • You show up for your boss,
  • You show up to your family/friends.
  • You appear when others need you,

Yet, when you have something in mind for yourself, something that YOU want to achieve, you procrastinate. You don’t just ‘Get it done’.

You show up for yourself last.

Leave the negativity in the past

Look, I get it. It’s exciting, and the thought process is there. The best intentions are there, but where is your plan to show up for yourself this time? What can you do to be there when you need you the most? Maybe in the back of your mind, you are going over all the other times you have ‘tried’ before. I suggest that what can be left behind, should be. Use those reminders as lessons of what did not work for you, now you know what not to repeat this time around. How useful is that!

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You already know how to commit

This is an amazing thing. You already have the skill to do this. I invite you to think about the year just gone and think about all the things you did do well, the things you succeeded with. If you are a good student you will have your journal to go through to remind yourself. If you don't have a journal, that is OK. You can still do this. Think back to how much you achieved last year. It doesn't have to be BIG things.

The ordinary every day is where it counts

Were your kids clean, clothed and fed? Nailed it. Did you go to work every day that you were supposed to? Nailed It.

Do you know why you succeeded in those things? Because you committed to yourself that you would. You committed to yourself emotionally. Regardless of the reason for it, e.g. you work to pay bills and live, of course, you would go. But you have an emotional commitment to work because you have a reason. You have a Why.

So Why this?

Why do you want to make this change for yourself?

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