New Year’s Resolutions? Screw That

New Year’s Resolutions? Screw That

I suggest you don’t waste your time thinking of one. Why? Because when was the last time you actually did it? Or you start to, and 2 weeks into January you would have given up. Apparently that’s how long it takes the average person to give in. So save yourself the heart break of being a ‘failure’.

This year is the year of permission. Giving yourself permission to Be. Stop following all of the fads, the celebs, all of the superficial stuff that is flooding  your life, let go of the Facebook feed that makes you feel less than & insignificant or unworthy. The Instagram filters that make you look more plastic than Barbie, stop smoothing out your humanness. You are a Woman. Own that shit.


You are wonderful. How many roles do you play in life? Mummy, wife, sister, daughter, auntie, niece, worker, cleaner, driver, laundrette, chef, general tidier Upper…. You get the gist, and I know there are men out there that fit this profile too. I’m not bashing men and I’m not forgetting about them, but most of you reading this are female so I’m sticking with that…

But aside from all that, who are you? If you drop all the labels? If you let go of the pressure that you feel to do all of those things, the requirement placed upon you to become that woman, WHO ARE YOU? Perhaps you have forgotten?

I know how easy that is to do. So that’s why I say quit following the trend. Skip the resolution and just get straight to making this year a year that counts. I hope you enjoyed Christmas, and that it was able to be all of the things you needed it to be, but now I want you to start thinking about you. What makes your heart sing? What has your soul been screaming out for but until now has been pushed aside or denied.

This year I will be taking a slightly different approach with the blog. I will be including month by month ways on working through how to rediscover you, from the inside out. This year we are going to work through our shit and get our internal houses in order. We are women not girls, I know you have the can do attitude and the stamina to get stuff done because you do every day. January is not about doom and gloom, forget about the most “miserable Monday” just because the news tells you this is so. January is about joy. Starting the journey and Being on the journey.

HappyWomanSeeing as its 4am in the morning as I write this I better pull my finger out and get organised. I love these amazing downloads I get of inspiration, where the words just flow. It’s a sign I’m listening to what is being shouted at me from my higher self, intuition. That part of me that just knows how to make my heart beat and lungs to breathe. That unconscious knowledge that just makes sense. Well I am all ears! I am ready.

I adore my children, my husband, family, friends etc., the roles I play are vital but before they came into play, I was just me. I am more than mum. I am more than any of those labels. I am still me too. I still love the things that used to make me, me. It is time to make time for you, ladies.

It’s not about being the best. It’s not about being pressured into being something other random people tell you to be. It’s not about doing what someone else says you should be doing. It’s about you. Being ok with being you. It is New Year. It feels fresh, but let me tell you something. Every day is new, and can feel just as fresh. Every day is an opportunity to work on allowing yourself to be you, and be happy about that.

These next 365 new days, are going to be epic.

Much love and Happy New Year

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