Why Non-Scale Victories are better than losing weight on the scale

Why Non-Scale Victories are Better than Losing Weight on the Scale

So many people that want to lose weight are focused on the number the scale shows. Then when you hit a plateau, and that number doesn’t drop any further you feel down in the dumps about it. The scale is not, I repeat NOT, the only thing in the world to focus on. I want to challenge that thinking that the scale is the be all and end all.

Weight loss is SO much more than just the number that the scale shows you on that day. Most people’s bathroom scales are not that fantastic, and you could weigh yourself 3 times in a row and it can give you 3 different measurements. Not that helpful for the mind-set and just a tad confusing.  I’m not a fan of weighing in once a week either, it doesn’t make sense to me, and maybe that’s a post for another day.  So let’s pretend for a moment that you don’t have scales. How else can you see that you are in fact losing fat and that your body is changing?

Body measurements.

These are one of the most obvious. Whenever people want to use hypnotherapy for weight loss, one of the first assignments I give them is to record their measurements. If you don’t have a tape measure, use some string and a marker pen. When you see those centimetres coming down, that really does give you the feel good factor.


These are an amazing way to see how you have changed. A good resource as well, to remind yourself how far you have come if you are having a not so great day and have that “cant be arsed” feeling. You can keep these in your Boost Box if you have one.


You will see and FEEL a difference in how your clothes feel around your body. That waistband that no longer digs in and gives you that muffin top. Those creases that dig into your thighs when you sit down, disappearing.

Non scale victories are WAY more than just these 3 things. These are great metrics to measure your success, but I urge you to think about What you can do (will be able to do) when you drop that excess weight.

What about when you do lose the weight if you can:

    • ·         Climb the stairs without feeling puffed out by the time you reach the top
    • ·         Reach to paint your toenails
    • ·         Get in and out of the car without difficulty
    • ·         Find shoes that fit your feet
    • ·         Walk further than you used to
    • ·         Keep up with your children/grandchildren
    • ·         Lift things up


What about when you lose the weight you will:

    • ·         Have more energy
    • ·         Sleep better at night
    • ·         Feel more confident

Over to you

What would your non-scale victories be? If you have had them, share your success. I would love to hear and you will inspire others to do it too.

Oh and by the way, your home work from this post – take a photograph and take your measurements.

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