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Can you look Deeper for Joy?

So I’m following up…How are you getting on with Joy in January? Ive been impressed by some of the responses, and surprised to.

As always thank you to everyone who emailed, I really do love hearing from you.

I’m glad you like the PDF download too. If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out the first challenge for Boosting 2018 – Bringing joy into January
One of the biggest things you folks have said that bring you joy is your children. Isn’t that lovely. I am so pleased that you are all such adoring parents. BUT I’m asking you to look a little deeper, inside of YOU. This is about giving yourself permission remember. Permission to be more than the label. Permission to be a person too.

I ADORE my children and they absolutely do bring me joy, when I’m not tearing my hair out asking them for the 758th time to put underpants on in the morning…
Now I get that life changes once you become a parent, but for some it seems that to pay attention to yourself is being selfish. I promise you, it is not. So give yourself permission. Ill share a little of my notes – I’m working through this process this year too. It’s a journal to self/re-discovery:

What is joy to me?
Its so hard to put into words, or perhaps words I haven’t learned yet. Joy is a feeling in my chest, my heart, a sensation that is almost tightening but comfortable. It’s a place just before tears and overwhelm and it is somewhere I can just get lost inside and be at peace. Its beautiful

What makes me feel this way?
Nature. Feeling the sun on my face and warmth on my skin, hearing the sound of waves crashing. Music. Some music is more than just sound, it resonates, I can feel it, and is beyond beautiful.

How can I feel more joy?
Spend more time outside for sure. Start writing music again, playing and listening often. Sing loudly and unashamedly! Maybe this year I should go and get those lessons…?

Im a massive fan of That Cello Guy. I think Intersteller is a fantastic film (one of the few that I will watch over and over). Hans Zimmer is a genius composer and this piece of music does for me exactly what I feel as Joy. It absolutely deserves more views.

So maybe have a rethink. If children really truly is the answer then YES! You get to be with those amazing creatures and revel in that joy. You will have so much gratitude at allowing yourself to BE HAPPY!

Keep me updated, and keep an eye out for February. Its almost here! Not quite sure how that happened so quickly but it is….

Over to you

If you need it you can still download this handy PDF that will be available every month so you can print out and keep. This will be something lovely to come back and reflect on later. Let me know how you get on!

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