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3 EASIEST Breathing Techniques For That Conversation You Are Dreading

Would some breathing techniques that could calm you, when you need it most be useful?

Picture this - you’ve got your moment booked into the diary, to have that meeting / conversation. You know the one, that conversation that part of you REALLY wants to have, and knows that you need to, but that other part of you is feeling completely overwhelmed! She doesn’t want to go in there, she wants to run and hide, pretending that actually nothing needs to be spoken about, and you really don’t like your horrible boss anyway. Maybe You wouldn’t go as far as saying you’re scared of them, but definitely find them intimidating!

Except, you know you need to have this meeting. It is a non-negotiable and you have to sit down with your boss. Perhaps you’ve got to present the findings to your report, maybe you need to ask for time off and you are expecting them to flip out on you, maybe you have even got to pitch to a group of people and your tummy is in knots about it. I don’t know what your meeting is about, but you do!

Woman Thinking

Thoughts and questions

You're worried how it is going to go, what they are going to say to you. How is your message going to be received and are you going to feel like crying when you leave the room? No matter how many times you go to the loo you just don’t feel any better.

I have 3 of the simplest breathing techniques to calm your insides, just for you, and I’ve even created a lovely little printable so you can pop it in your purse as an easy reminder.

Remember these feelings are just a physiological response to your thoughts. The event has not happened yet, but your genius brain is preparing you for all of the BAD things you are imagining, so you are feeling like it has already happened.

I have known a great many troubles in my life, most of them never happened

Mark Twain


So if we calm you on the inside, you are on your way there for being back in control of your body and not the other way around.

Here 3 of the EASIEST breathing techniques for calm

When you are feeling like a nervous wreck:

Bubble Breathing

Oh yea – blow some bubbles.  Bear with me here, no matter how odd it may sound! Remember when you were a kid (or maybe a fully grown adult who likes bubbles, like me – I have children – don’t judge!) Those little pots of bubble mixture with the wands inside?  You have to blow in a very specific way to get a good bubble. Slow and steady, don’t you? If you blow too slowly though, the bubble doesn’t actually form. If you blow too quickly, then the mixture just splats all over the place. Close your eyes and breathe, visualise those bubbles, blowing in that exact same way.

Square Breathing

A square has 4 equal sides, if you can count to 4, you can do this! You can visualise a square if you want to.

  • Simply breathe in for a count of 4 (top of your square)
  • Hold you breathe for a count of 4 (side of square)
  • Exhale the breath for a count of 4 (bottom of square)
  • Hold for a count of 4 (side of square)
  • Repeat

7 / 11 Breath

So we have a bit more counting here, but I know you’ll do just fine.

Breathe in for a count of 7 and breathe out for a count of 11.

The purpose of this breathe is to exhale for longer than you breathe in. So if 7/11 doesn’t feel quite right for you, adapt it. It is Your count of 7 or 11, as long as you exhale for longer than you inhale, you are doing a good job.


For when you are stressed and can't remember...

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You can pop them in your purse as a handy reminder for when you need it most!

Give them a go and let me know which becomes your favourite!

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