How To Practice Mindfulness Mediation For Beginners

But What Is Mindfulness Meditation?

I recently emailed my subscribers asking how I can help them most. I had a few replies about being more present and I figured mindfulness meditation would be the nicest place to start. So this is blog post 1 of 3 (I think!) About mindfulness meditation and incorporating mindfulness into our real lives. Because being present where we are right now, is a much less stressful place to be.

Maybe you have ended up here on the search for a beginners way to practice mindfulness meditation because you are looking for a way to be more present in your life. Perhaps you have lots of questions, and wondering are mindfulness and meditation the same thing?

Firstly, allow me to explain both individually, and then how they come together.

Mindfulness is about being fully present IN the moment. I like to think of it at taking more notice of where you are, what you are doing and being more in control of how you react in certain situations. It can be practised anywhere, at any time with anything. It is an informal practice you can build into your day.

Meditation is more of a formal practice, where you take time out from the daily routine and sit down. There are many types of meditation and can cover things from breathing meditations, awareness of body and thoughts. There are meditations to build on your loving-kindness and open your heart, calming meditations to grow into reaching inner peace. Meditation is a Skill. Like anything you get good at, you do have to practice. You have an intention to use your focus to increase your awareness of something, practising your focus and building concentration skills. This is definitely one of those things that is super simple, but not always easy, but the rewards will come.

Ok but what about mindfulness meditation then?

Mindfulness meditation is a more formal practice, where you combine the skills of both mindfulness and meditation. They work beautifully together and can enhance your practice of both. I'll list out some steps below on how you can begin a meditation practice if you are not using an audio guide.

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How do you meditate?

First and foremost, I recommend beginning by deciding how much time you have to set aside. 5 minutes is fine!

You don’t have to start out with an hour session. This is something you are learning on your own terms.

If you want to add in this new process and want to give yourself 2 minutes in the morning, then 2 minutes is the right time for you to begin with. When you are ready you can build upon your practice. Decide on the place you are going to do your meditation. Ideally, be somewhere quiet, and somewhere there are little distractions.

How To Sit For Mindfulness Meditation - For Beginners

Find somewhere you can be comfortable! The usual positions for meditation are sitting, lying down, standing, or in movement such as walking or running. I am definitely not in that category. Running would most absolutely cause me more stress not less.

As a newbie to mindfulness, I recommend sitting. Because you can be safely seated and comfortable enough without having to worry about falling asleep.

You can sit on a chair, on a sofa, a bench, or on the floor on a cushion. Just be comfortable, and in a place, where you feel secure and stable. If you choose a chair or similar let your feet touch the floor if you are seated on the floor and it is comfortable cross your legs in what way feels good. Don’t force yourself into any funky yoga positions though😄

Sit up straight, you do not have to strain but try not to slouch, and let your arms be at your sides. Your hands can be comfortable on your lap, move them forwards or backwards in small amounts until you find the most comfortable place to be.

Close your eyes if you want to. Some people do, some don’t. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Just sit. Experiment with the stillness. Breathe. Pay attention to the breath. See if you notice differences between the inhale and the exhale. Notice which part of your body rises when you breathe. Allow yourself to be curious here. If your attention wanders, that’s ok. Just come back to your breath. It does not matter how many times your mind wanders. Just keep bringing back your attention to your breath. You are developing a skill, building your meditation muscle. You will get better and letting the thoughts go.

When your time is up, give yourself a moment to adjust. Just notice the environment and surrounding before running into your day. Notice any relaxation or calm that is in your body now and most importantly, say thank you to yourself for giving yourself the opportunity to do something for your mind and body. Decide how you want to continue your day.

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