10 Ways To Practice Mindfulness Without Meditating

10 Ways To Practice Mindfulness WITHOUT Meditating

Mindfulness Without Meditation

Mindfulness is a skill many people use to help them become more present. But as soon as you begin with the buzz words like “being present” and “meditation” it can put A LOT of people off.

Being present is simply taking notice of what you are doing. Not being on auto pilot. Not just doing things without thinking.

The world is busy. Our minds are filled with thoughts and chaos. This pandemic has forced people into situations they never dreamed of. Some of it for the better, such as the opportunity to slow the pace a bit. Get things done around the house etc BUT it has thrown our emotions all over the place.

I asked my readers on my newsletter what is happening for them right now, and a lot of people wanted to find ways to be more present in what they were actually doing.  I’m not going to preach to you about going off and meditating for hours on end, that’s not me. I don’t do that; I don’t have time for it. But I make time to be mindful. This, I think is something we can all benefit from, learning how to be mindful in the real world.

So if you are looking for examples of what could be mindfulness exercises you can practice without having to set aside specific amounts of quiet time, go on ahead and allow me to share my top 10 tips on how to practice mindfulness without meditating the EASY way. PS chocolate is allowed!

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10 Ways

1 – When you wake up. This happens every day, so you can easily fit this in. Don’t roll over and grab your phone for a starter. Give yourself a moment to properly wake up. Being present – take notice of what position are you laying in? How much light is coming in through your curtains? Take a big breath in and fill all 360 degrees of your lungs. Lungs aren’t flat, fill those babies up. Let the breath out slowly, wiggle toes and fingers. Just move and take notice of what you feel.

2 – Your first drink of the day. Is it cold glass of water? A hot tea or coffee. Is it orange juice. Whatever it is, smell it, breathe in the aromas of what you have brewed. Sip it and notice the temperature on your lips. The flavour on your tongue.

3 – In the shower – What does the water feel like. The temperature, the steam. What does your shampoo or body wash smell like and feel like? The sensation of the water falling on your body is a perfect way to wash away unhelpful thoughts.

4 – Cooking – you have got to eat at some point, so be mindful in your preparation. Whether you are a full blown Michelin starred chef in the making or microwave goddess you can pay attention to what you are doing. Smells and sounds when chopping or frying. The pop when you stab the plastic container lid or the beep beep of the microwave programme. Notice how your body reacts to the loud noises.

5 – Use your eyes or fingers. Really pay attention to what you are looking at or touching. When you look out of the window what colours do you see? Watch the leaves blow in the wind. When you are typing feel the difference between the fingers and the mouse. Did you know there is a small raised bit on two of the keys on your keyboard?

6 – Breathe with intention. Not just breathing automatically that keeps you alive, breathing with purpose. Breathe in fully and pay attention to what part of your body rises. Maybe when you stop and take a big breath there are parts of your body that click and pop as they stretch with the inhalation?

7 – Hide from your kids – Not forever but just a few moments. Mums this is probably the loo if you are fortunate enough to get there by yourself. But close the door and listen to the sound of their play / dialogue without you. Take notice of the space you are in, by yourself.

8 – BE with your kids/partner – put the phone down, in another room. And be with your family. Give them all of your attention and play. Let your hair down and get stuck into whatever it is your kids like doing. Be with your partner without distractions. Go on a date at home! Forget for a bit about the mess, the noise, the laundry and give yourself permission to participate. You never know you might just have some fun.

9 – Chocolate. Ok it doesn’t have to be chocolate it can be anything you love to eat. But instead of shovelling it in whilst on a Netflix binge and a giant bar disappearing without even noticing, pay attention to it. Listen to the snap as you break off a chunk, feel the texture in your fingers, smell the chocolate before putting it into your mouth. Then when you do, leave it on your tongue to let it start to melt a bit, pay attention to how the texture changes. How does the flavour develop? Let yourself notice something new about something you have eaten before. I promise you will love practicing with this one.

10 – Focus on your body. Progressively work through your body and work each muscle group, tensing and relaxing as you go. It’s a great way to connect with your body, notice where you feel tension and practicing letting it go. If you want help developing your mindful relaxation skills. You can get my free download here.

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