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How To Improve Your Mental Wellbeing - 7 Ideals You Can Use Today

How You Improve Your Mental Wellbeing Is Up To You.

Your mental wellbeing is all about you. It is about the thoughts you have and the things you are feeling. All of your emotions are valid – but how you respond to them can have a massive impact on your quality of life. Improving your mental wellbeing is about feeling, and know that it is ok.

I believe we can take proactive steps to helps our mental wellbeing so that we can manage conditions like anxiety.


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What is Mental Wellbeing?

Firstly its not about saying you are happy all the time and never thinking a bad thing. Everybody faces challenges, we all experience emotions from happy to sad, ease and overwhelm. Improving you mental wellbeing is about managing the peaks and troughs so that you feel confident and capable in yourself and your abilities. You can cope with the usual stresses of day to day life when your mental wellbeing is good.

Improve Your Mental Wellbeing By Adding In These Things

Mental wellbeing is about bringing more joy into your life, but giving yourself the opportunity to acknowledge your feelings and process them in a safe, respectful way.

After spending several years helping people achieve and maintain good mental wellbeing these are the things that I have discovered work well for most people:

Do things you enjoy

Literally this is my favourite thing. Because we all have things we wish we did more of. So make time for you. Everyone raves about self-care – that doesn’t mean going to a spa if that’s not what you enjoy. Self-care is about doing things you enjoy that refill your tank.

Try new things

Scary – going into the unknown. Doing something different. Yes, I get it. BUT when you try something new, and you give yourself the chance to actually like it, you build confidence in yourself. A big tick in the box for mental wellbeing.


This can tie in with 1 and 2 – a new activity and meeting like-minded people who think like you and are on the same page is great for helping you to feel less alone. Because if you are feeling a certain way – I can pretty much guarantee that someone else does too.

Speak up

If you need help actually ask for it. Don’t be precious about needing to do everything for everyone and never allowing others to help you too. Sometimes we just need someone to hold our hand while we face that big thing. The world is busy – people might not notice so ask those who you can trust to face it with you.


Challenge your thoughts

So you might be great at saying “what if this happens” and then not doing the thing that you really want. Fear is a big old reason that prevents us from trying. But what if…you could challenge your thought process and say what if I do this and it goes ok?

Let go of stress

What is it that helps you wind down? Do you know? Do that. Allow yourself the opportunity to release some stress. Imagine that you are a pressure cooker – the steam builds up inside of you, life is the heat source to keep your pressure bubbling away. You need something that turns the heat down for a bit and open the valve to let the steam out.

Be kind and compassionate

Humans make mistakes. You are human, sometimes we get things wrong, and hindsight is a beautiful thing because it brings us new perspective and understanding. But, you need to be kind towards yourself, even if things didn’t go as you planned. We can’t change the past and beating yourself up about it, does nothing for your mental wellbeing.


These are just a few tips that I believe work well for people, but I’d love to know – how do you look after your mental health? Go on, be kind and drop me a comment on what works for you. 😉

If you are looking for some help to take care of your mental wellbeing – I have set up a club for us to do exactly that. It’s a safe space, and time to take the pan off of the heat and let out that steam.


How To Help Someone Improve Their Mental Wellbeing?

So if you know someone who is struggling with their mental wellbeing and you want to help them, please forward them this post.

Also here are some links below that will help activate your rest and digest response - to help you chill out - they are Free!


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