Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Resources and information to help you understand what is narcissistic abuse. Because when you are stuck with a narcissist, sometimes you can't leave right away.

Videos about Narcissism
Narcissistic abuse broken down into short, snappy, to the point videos, that provide you information in digestible chunks.

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Blog Articles

Sometimes you just need to be able to read something. This is where you can find my articles all about narcissistic abuse.

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Self Preservation Plan

Your Self Preservation Plan, so that you learn how to preserve your sanity and begin breaking the bond with your narcissist.

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 Kirsty Leitch Hypnotist - Practical Support for narcissistic abuse recovery.

Hey, Im Kirsty

Welcome to this space, to help you free yourself from narcissistic abuse. I need you to know this is a safe space for you. To educate yourself and learn how you can find courage, build strength and heal.

You are going through something you didn't deserve, or ask for. Narcissistic abuse is traumatic, and you have been changed. But I believe you can navigate what you are going through, by using the same skill your brain does automatically. Trauma has made changes inside of you that were not supposed to happen. I am a hypnotist and I believe that You have been hypnotised already, without knowing it.

Narcissistic Abuse Is Not Your Fault

I am here to help you. To de-hypnotise you and help you to reprogram your brain in a way that is right for you. So that you can build the strength and the courage to leave the narcissist in your life, giving yourself the best possible opportunity to heal yourself, and the next generation. Regardless of what kind of relationship you have with the narcissist, (partner, business, family, friends) the only way to truly get yourself back is space between the two of you.

Narcissistic Abuse Therapy

This is the place where you get to discover who you are for your future, self-empowerment is your kingdom, and you are the ruler.

I truly believe you are special. I know you might be feeling anything other than that right now, but you are. Your unconscious mind is there to help you, and so am I.

Together, you get to start preparing to leave, preserve your sanity and plan to heal.



What previous hypnosis clients say about working with me

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After a very traumatic experience in my life, I was suffering with acute anxiety, I was losing control of my life and was scared of where I was heading. Kirsty honestly changed my life, she gives you the tools to move forward and keep yourself in stable and loving place. My life has changed for the better since, I am on a journey and feel stronger since working with Kirsty. I also know I can go back to her anytime if I need additional help.
Thank you Kirsty



Visiting Kirsty was the best thing I have ever done. I had been feeling depressed, anxious and completely detached from myself after a series of traumatic events. Within three sessions I fell completely put back together and back to the 'me' before the trauma. Thank you Kirsty!



I felt at ease with Kirsty from the moment I met her. I was feeling very insecure, vulnerable and anxious. She has helped me find my old self. I feel far more confident, capable and am enjoying life again. You have given me back my love of life. Thank you Kirsty.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Take a breath, because step by step you can become stronger, so that you can build the courage to leave.


There is no need to suffer in silence.