Emotional Eating and Boredom

Emotional Eating and Boredom

If you look at where you are in your life today would you believe it?  That younger you of 5 maybe 10 even 15 years ago?

The more youthful me wouldn’t have! 15 years ago I would never have said I would be living the life I do today. She never wanted children (I have 2). She wanted to travel the world and be free. Im not sure free from what though?! She wanted to be rich and successful, but I have no clue at what. I am not even sure she knew what success was. So as my life is quite the opposite from those younger dreams, does that mean Im not a success? Does it mean I am bored?


My Life Is Boring

Are you bored with the monotony of what your day to day life brings? When you look at those older hands, and the new wrinkles that didn’t used to be there, chopping the same old vegetables for that same meal you have cooked 100 times.

Are you a failure? Did you let that younger you down? Are you still searching for that ‘thing’ to fill the gap that’s missing, that gaping void that there must be something more to life than this?

Because that emptiness is hungry.

It needs something, but God only knows what ‘something’ actually is.  But because you don’t know the answer to that, you do whatever you can to silence that voice, that need, that yearning to fill that boredom. SO you eat. Maybe sometimes you drink… a lot.

Whatever food it is that gives you that feeling that you crave; Chocolate, crisps, bread and butter, etc. It gives you that emotional and physiological response in the brain, and body that makes you feel good.

All The Feels

We seem to crave intense emotion, it’s like it gives us something to do. Food has emotional connections to our feelings, just think about it. We eat to celebrate, we eat to commiserate, we eat for a reward, and a treat. You eat because you are sad, and eating makes you feel better. You eat because you are pissed off, and that food makes you feel better for a moment.

We are creatures of habit and you have a connection in that brain of yours that tells you to eat, because you did before and it made you feel better, so therefore, you must eat that food again because it will make you feel better, again.

The Cycle In Your Behaviour

You have a cycle going on, in your behaviour, so even though on the outside you are thinking “no I don’t need to do that, I want to be in control” on the inside, its like there is a whole other part of you that has more control than you do. You think you have no willpower because you go on to eat the food. Its not about ‘willpower’ its about breaking that cycle. Breaking down that emotional connection, so that there are other things that make you feel the way that food does. New methods that create new neural pathways that tell you to do different things to change your response to boredom.

Everything Is Awesome....

You see, life IS exciting.

It filled with incredible highs and ecstasy, with excruciating lows and agony. It is brimming with adventure and excitement, sadness and loss. This is what gives us the lessons. But as well as those peaks and troughs, it is  full up with that flat line in the middle. That section where it is neither good nor bad, happy nor sad. It is overflowing with average, and ok, and because those times when it is just average, we feel we are missing out on something. We are face deep in Instagram and seeing all those amazingly exciting lives that everyone on the whole planet is living except us, those posts on facebook where all the children are smiling and happy and so well behaved, those pictures that show mum being super beautiful, put together and totally chilled out, never needing to shout at the beautiful little creatures she produced. You feel Less. Not good enough, and that they are better.


Sometimes It Is Average

Those posts are complete BS. Those posts are there, because those people too feel average. They feel the OK and we are steadily changing our psychological make up to need the interaction, to crave the approval from others in the form of a ‘like’. We all feel the Average. It is ok, its part of life. We don’t need to feed the beast that tells us we have to, that tells us something is wrong. You need some tools in your tool box to break that cycle. Rewire your mind that its is ok to do nothing other than just ‘be’ in your own space, make friends with yourself. Embrace the boredom, the average and the ok, because without them, how do you respect the joy and the sadness, the ying and the yang. How do you respect the life you have created for yourself?

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