2 Minute Stress Relief – How To

2 Minute Stress Relief – How To

Sometimes certain people, things or places can stress us out, so it is useful to have a few tools in your back pocket that can help you relieve some of that tension.

This is a very simple self-guided relaxation technique you can use, even if you are hiding out in the ladies at work!

    • Start by taking a couple of deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth.
    • Close your eyes and pay attention to the anxiety/stress that you are feeling
    • Ask yourself where do you feel that in your body? If it were a colour what colour would it be?
    • Then, by using your breath as a control, move all of the feelings together into one part of your body if they are separate. Each exhalation is a good place to do this.
    • When all of that sensation is in one place, move it again, on the exhalation, but this time move to the mouth
    • Finally, take a really deep breath in through the nose, and blow out all of that colour and sensation right out of your mouth.

You will feel much lighter and less shaky!

Over to you

Let me know how this technique works for you, and likewise get in touch if you would like to me to post some more tricks and tips about certian things.

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