Weigh in every day or not at all

Weigh in everyday or not at all

Im not a huge fan of weight loss communities that weigh in once a week. Nothing personal to the people that do them, but I just don’t think that it is a fair way to use the scales as a metric for the progress of weight loss.

The body is made up of many components. Your weight is made up of those components. There is water, fat, muscle, tissues, bone. You do NOT want to lose weight, you want to lose FAT. There is a difference.

If you weigh in on Monday, and it says 12st 5lbs for instance. You eat well all week, and follow whatever eating regime you are on. You do your exercise and are ‘good’. Feeling pretty chuffed you go next Monday and weigh in only to find that it now says 12st 8lb….

WTF?!? How did that happen??

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Reasons Why Your Weight Has Gone Up

Taking a stab in the dark, you are wanting to lose weight because you feel fat, right? So here are some things to check in with yourself before you beat yourself up that you apparently put on weight.

Firstly, are you wearing exactly the same clothes as you did last Monday?


Have you drunk exactly the same amount of water?

Are you bloated?

Have you been to the toilet the exact same amount as you did last Monday?

Where are you in your cycle? Do you know how much extra water you carry throughout your period? DO you know how the menopause and hormones affect the weight of your body?

Isn’t it bad to focus on my weight so much?

There has been a fair amount of research into weight measurements and weight loss. There were 2 studies that I found that a proportion of people found it distressing, reinforcing that their body size is inappropriate. You can read those here and here if you want to. However, there is much more research that actually found the people lost more weight, by weighing themselves daily. One studiy shows that the participants lost on average 13lbs MORE by daily weighing. There is a brilliant article here about lots of studies, so you can check all the facts for yourself.

The Best Way To Weigh - Your Trend

In the morning. Get up, go to the loo, and step on the scales in your birthday suit. Take a note of it and there you are done for the day. Do that for seven days. I then like to tally that up to get an average for the week. To get your average, just add all seven weights together, to get the combined weight. Then divide that result by 7. So if you’re using an app or something like, you can plot it on your graph to see the trend of your weight.


Over To You

I think this is a great way to keep an eye on the overall progress of your weight loss goals. But remember the scale isn’t everything. Your non scale victories are worth their weight in gold. This could be the motivation you need. As always let me know your thoughts!

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