Christmas Stress – Parties / Social Events

Christmas Stress – Parties / Social Events

There is going to be people there; Lots of people. Maybe I won’t go. I’ll be in the way.

If you feel like this at Christmas time, you are not alone. Anxiety affects so many people, and at Christmas time it can get even worse. Because of the ‘fight or flight’ response (our body’s reaction to anxiety/stress) you might experience stomach aches, feeling sick, dizziness, sweating just thinking about going out. All of these things making you feel even worse about being in a public place with people looking at you. Because that’s generally what you might be thinking isn’t it? That everyone is looking at you, even if you hide in the corner, they will notice that you have a currant from your Christmas pudding in your teeth, therefore it cannot possibly be a joke that people are laughing at, it must be you. This is another common symptom of anxiety; irrational thoughts or fears. Always thinking the worst, and being on edge.

It is important to deal with these symptoms of stress and anxiety at any time of the year, but at Christmas there is more pressure to attend parties, so now is the perfect time to learn some strategies that could make your Christmas party a good one.

Breathing Techniques To Calm Yourself

Breathing techniques are a great way to begin to calm any nerves, and such an important skill to have. Most people do not breathe properly, so take a moment, and place your hand on your tummy and one hand on your chest. Which hand rises? Where are you breathing from? Your chest? Wrong! You should breathe from your diaphragm. Breathe in deeply and notice the difference when the hand on your tummy rises. Focus on that and begin to calm yourself.

A particular technique that I teach my clients is called 7/11 breathing. So whilst you are starting to feel relaxed breathing from the right place, breathe in for a count of 7, and release the breath more slowly for a count of 11. Some people like to visualise a colour coming in and different colour blowing away. Do whichever is right for you. Keep focused on your breathing, and when you feel comfortable rehearse that event. Imagine yourself going to the party, dressed up, looking sharp, oozing with confidence. Imagine what it would feel like being that person. See yourself at the party all the while feeling calm and comfortable. See everything going ok, maybe enjoying yourself. You are in control, so practice this and notice how much better you become.

Hypnotherapyfor anxiety can make you relaxed and you can allow your body to fully experience comfort whilst being in control of what is happening. When you are so relaxed, you cannot be anxious at the same time. Imagine how good it would feel if you could be in control of any situation that makes you anxious. You could be in control of your social anxiety, so if you want to try hypnotherapy, and have effective, lasting solution to help tackle your social anxiety, get in touch with me at my Andover Hypnotherapy practice and let’s have a chat about what options are right for you.

Merry Christmas, and I wish you a wonderful party night(s)

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