Christmas Stress – Getting Organised

Christmas Stress – Getting Organised

The festive seasons is almost upon us, and let’s face it, it seems to begin earlier every year. Now I LOVE Christmas time, but I actually first saw a chocolate Santa in August…Even for me that is early.

This time of year brings social events, and generally puts us in places we would not necessarily be. Seeing relatives, friends or acquaintances, some you may not really want to see. It can be difficult. If you are hosting, there’s the expectation that you have to create the best Christmas ever, with all the presents and the Christmas dinner. The whole thing can be stressful.

Stress is something you experience when you feel under pressure, whether that is something you put on yourself, or whether you experience if from elsewhere. When you have too much stress you can experience anxiety, depression, insomnia, and headaches for example. Stress can come from worries about finance; Paying for gifts, food, drinks, going out. Sticking to your healthy eating plan, or coping at social engagements. So here is the first part of my Christmas stress guide, and something I do every year without fail.

Plan, Plan, Plan.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a list. So if you don’t, just indulge me for this one time of year and make your own list. Maybe even treat yourself to a jazzy little Christmas notepad and get in the spirit of things. Any excuse for new stationary! Think about what your festive period entails: who do you need presents for, who has to travel, how much food/drink you need. When will you write your cards and wrap your presents? What can you delegate to others? I find it most useful to make my list detailed, because then I get to tick lots of little things off quickly and see the list diminishing fast. It is mightily satisfactory.

Manage your time.

Just because it is Christmas, doesn’t mean the rest of daily life stops still for you to get merry. The laundry still needs doing; the lunch boxes still need making; the house still needs cleaning. So try to get organised. This partly relates to my list, and helps keep me organised over Christmas, especially if I’m hosting a pre-Christmas party and card night, or I’m the one cooking on the day. You know what food you need so delegate to someone to go to the shop for you with your list. (Notice the theme here?) Write your cards, get someone to post them etc. Christmas is about you too.


If you like to keep family traditions, depending what they are you might need to be committed. Look at Elf on the Shelf for example. I loved this idea when I first saw it, but now coming up with numerous ways that Elvis and Evie (our elves) are up to no good for the sake of my little ones can be a chore. Pinterest does save the day here, but don’t be afraid to recycle your old pictures from last year. I mean, it was a year ago; it’s still fun for the children or the adults, depending which Pinterest boards you are looking at!

Say NO

Know when you are at capacity. What can you, or do you, need to say No to? Do not be afraid to say no to others. Focus your energies and efforts on the right things for you. What is most important? Know what you need to do, and know what you don’t need to.


Make sure you sleep well. If anything is worrying you before you go to bed, and it cannot be resolved. Write it down. Get it off of your mind, and know you won’t forget by morning because you will have this little reminder, so you can forget about it. Listen to some relaxing music, or do some self-hypnosis to help you relax before bed. Good sleep can help you keep focused and feel more in control.

SO these are my key ways to get and stay organised for the festive period so that you can get the things done you want doing and still have time to enjoy the run up to it. When you have completed part of your list, have a reward, boost yourself. Take a nice bath to relax your body, do self-hypnosis or meditate. Why not treat yourself get your hair or nails done? If you feel you need some help to relax, read about the Hypno Spa and what a Mind Massage can do for you.

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