The Truth – What I Havent Been Telling You

The Truth – What I Havent Been Telling You

What made you do that?

A lot of people ask me that question when I meet them and tell them that I am a hypnotherapist. I recently let a lovely lady called Cat, whom I was talking to about this, and she asked me why I hadn’t mentioned anything on my blog about what we had spoken about. This was a very good question. So Cat this post is for you. Thank you for inspiring me.

When people ask me why I became a hypnotherapist I usually come out and say I learned first-hand just how powerful hypnosis can be and say I needed to do something with more meaning. I wanted to work with people, instead of being stuck behind a desk all day long. All of that is true. But,( because there usually is a ‘but’ isn’t there), I don’t think I was being completely honest. Why the hell hadn’t I talked about this?

A room full of people and still being alone

Red and Blue Hot Air Balloon Floating on Air on Body of Water during Night TimeMy truth about why I chose this path is because hypnosis saved me. Anxieties and depression had been close friends in my life, they were always by my side, without fail. Hanging around like big bags of sand attached to my waist. There were mornings when I would wake and not want to get out of bed, the times when my friends wanted to go out and I would fake being poorly so I didn’t have to go, because I couldn’t face actually dealing with people. The evenings I would return home from work, and cry into my partners shoulder whilst he tried to hug me and tell me I was beautiful, and that he loved me. If you have been there you know what I am talking about. You don’t need the details. It’s a dark place, and you just watch the world going by without you. Everyone and everything just seems to pass you by.

I was Ready

I listened to the words of the bullies for years and I found comfort in food and drink. I put on weight, and I hated myself more for it. I was in a downward spiral but I was lucky. A lot luckier than some. Some don’t have the love of partner to help them through, and whilst he was amazing, there wasn’t anything really that he could do. I needed to be ready to help myself. It was not until I had my first child that I realised I couldn’t go on. The lack of sleep that comes of having a newborn almost sent me over the edge, and I couldn’t hold this façade up in front of everyone any longer. One day I cried, and I could not stop, for days. But that weight that those tears washed away made me feel lighter than no amount of exercise or food ever could. It was a release that no blade could cut out. That moment something clicked. Something Shifted within me and then I knew that I WAS READY to get help. Then and Only then was I able to save myself, because no one could do it for me.

Unleash the real beast – MElight at the end of the tunnel

So why did I decide on a career in hypnotherapy? Because I have been on the other side. That dark miserable, draining, shitty place that exists in so many people. I’ve been to the point where I didn’t think I could go on any longer, so I understand what that feels like. BUT I also know that isn’t all there is. There was SO MUCH POWER inside of me. SO MUCH ENERGY. The real me was there all along, she was just buried under that emotional crap that I didn’t understand how to process. But I LEARNED how to process it. I learned how to SHIFT it. TO make your world move, to turn, to live life with desire, and hope, passion, love, conviction is priceless, and everyday I thank the women I met on my journey to this point, but most of all I did some bloody good work. I can say that. I achieved something I never thought possible at the time, and you can too. You absolutely can defeat whatever darkness is looming over.

I am happier, healthier and see things so differently now. I am blessed to live the life I lead. I have a wonderful family who love me and I can love back properly. I have relationships I can cherish and build. I have the best job in the world, because getting to work with people, and getting to be that person that changes lives is beyond privileged.

I invite you to think about what you could do, if you can drag yourself up out of the dungeon and clamber out into daylight, If you could do that, IMAGINE what else you can do when you are on form, when you FUNCTION. IMAGINE what you can do, because you can. It’s In You.

If you want to get in touch, send me a message or give me a call. No Judgements. Come as you are. I can help you unleash the real you.

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  1. This is really powerful. Congratulations for finding you and being so strong. Thank you so much for sharing!

    I’ve always felt that if the person offering me help has had no perspective other than through a university lens, how can they truly understand the dark place I’m in? If they’ve never been there, let alone found their way out – how can they help me or understand the depth of pain or the strength of the fear gripping me? It is such a relief to know you can fully relate and offer real certainty that finding the old me is going to happen.

    Looking forward to our next chat.

    • Absolutely – There is only so much you can apply from a book. Real learning of any kind takes place through experience! Thanks so much for commenting!

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