Boosting 2018 May – A Little More Motivation

Boosting 2018 – Be Brave – Part 2

This time we are looking at what you WANT to achieve. What do you want to DO?

We need a strategy!

What is your Story?

By story I mean, your belief about how you can’t have “it” yet. Tony Robbins says “Divorce your story and marry your truth” I quite like that. So have a think, and be honest. Why cant you do (insert your “thing” here)? Take your time, and dont rush it, deep down you know the answer to this. Its that voice, that part that has been screaming so loudly at you, but you struggle to hear in all the noise of everything else.

Now you have that out of the way – what you can you start telling yourself instead that is going to steer you in the right direction. Reframe that story in the positive way

Everything is a decision – a choice – comfort or growth! If you have kids you make them do things they don’t want to do. You make them tidy up, eat their greens. When you were a kid your parents did the same thing to you. They make you do things you don’t want to do. SO be the grownup – be the adult and FORCE yourself to do the things you don’t want to do.

What if you are Stuck?

StuckIf you are afraid of doing things because of something someone else may say or think. You are taking that feedback / critique and using that to fuel your ‘stuckness’ it’s the petrol in the engine that keeps you ticking over in exactly the same spot. It keeps you stuck in your own head. The thing is, you have the power to redistribute that critique, and use that fuel to power something else.

Let me tell you an example, to make this easy to understand: When I was training to restart my career, I was 7 months pregnant. I met the course tutor and enjoyed my first training. I wanted to know more about somethings, I had some questions. One of them was about submitting the homework and completing the course on time. I was met with the response that most people don’t finish in the year, they have the option to have another 6 months to submit the work, and that I shouldn’t worry about it, especially with a new baby on the way….

I have 2 options here. 1 to think “cool extra time, everyone else needs it, I will too. I can take my time and get there with everyone else. Or 2 not be like everyone else. I am not like everyone else. I am me… My whole life has been different from everyone else’s’ (so has yours, I’m not tripping on ego here) but I like being different. I don’t always fit in, I don’t have a huge circle of friends, I am different but I own that. That’s who I am. One thing that does make me different is my work ethic. I’m ok with not being the best – that leaves me room to improve, to grow to get better. But I most certainly am not ok with being mediocre. I could have used that feedback to give me an ‘out’ an excuse to not do something in case I messed up. But I used that feedback to fuel my determination to be different. I just said “ok, well I look forward to getting my certificate on the last day of the course.” Every time after that I struggled with doing my homework, every time I felt like I can’t be arsed, I used that fuel to stoke the fire that started on that first day. Nothing was stopping me getting that certificate. So I worked my arse off.

Day in, day out, every spare moment I worked on that and I earned my qualification. Sure enough on that last day I walked away with my certificate. I had successfully submitted everything that was due before the end of the course (and passed by the way!)’Im had so much pleasure receiving that piece of paper, and when he said congratulations, I simply said “thank you, I told you so”.Succeed

You Cant Do It,  Can You?

You see, as far as I am concerned. NO ONE tells me I cannot do something. If anyone is setting limits on me then that is going to be me. IM the only one who has permission to tell me that I can’t achieve something. Whenever I meet that feedback, I use that to fuel whatever mechanism is required to make it happen.

So I urge you to change your thinking to a way that suits you best. You are a grown up. You are adult. YOU are the keeper of your success. So if you are happy to keep hiding behind other peoples words of “wisdom”, if you are happy to keep hiding behind “what if” then keep doing that. But I ask you one final question. WHAT IF YOU SUCCEED?

You don’t start out and say you are going to build the biggest best wall ever built. You start with that first brick. And you lay another brick and another every single day and then soon you have that wall.

Over to you

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