Boosting 2018 March Motivation – Be Brave

Boosting 2018 – March Motivation – Be Brave Part 1

Transform Fear into Action

Fear is a human emotion, its pretty standard and has been keeping us alive since the first humans. Fear made you run to safety, it was good to have it, and it still is, to some extent. If you are out walking and come across a bear, you have every right and it would be necessary to feel the fear! It’s the result of a specific threat. That’s your fight or flight response kicking in, and that is GOOD Fear.

BearThe fear I’m talking about, and we are going to work on this month is the fear that is stopping you doing what you desperately want to do. That dream you want to pursue, that venue you want to go and speak at, what others are thinking about you, the fear that you might fail……all of that stuff, it’s not really fear. It’s a story you have created, you mastered and you embed it in yourself even deeper every time you tell it.

Now, I’m not disregarding your feelings and thoughts. It’s natural to feel something when you are about to do something you may have never done before, but if that feeling paralyzes you and you are forever stuck behind this wall you have built, what is it going to feel like when you reach the end of this journey called life, and all you see is wishes, should haves, could haves and why didn’t I’s? You have regret.

How Do You Grow?

Firstly I want you to answer, How do you learn if you don’t fail? How do you grow if you don’t learn?

If your answer is that you don’t want to learn from anything, or if you don’t want to grow then you are probably on the wrong blog! Feel free to move along….

So with that in mind, I want you to take the first step. Here are the first part of the questions to work through before Part 2.

What did you recently fail at?

Why did you fail?

How did you feel when you failed?

What did you do that made it ok?

Now that you have that, what resources did you use to make that happen?

You can download a handly list with the question handout that may be useful for you to answer this question! This list is just a guide to get you thinking, there are many more options that could be relevant to you. Get it Here.

Over to you

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