Is Revenge A Good Reason?

Is Revenge A Good Reason?

What I’m talking about here is, is revenge a good reason to lose weight?

I had a few days poorly recently, I lost my voice and needed to rest up. Shipped the children off to school and nursery, and turned on the TV, I didn’t even watch Paw Patrol or Shimmer and Shine, they were nowhere to be seen! (If you don’t know what those programmes are, be grateful!)

However, Daytime television is ‘interesting’ should we say. There is A LOT of reality tv shows. A LOT. I didn’t know this. However something did catch my eye. It was a show about losing weight, and the reason the people on the show were wanting to lose weight was for revenge on someone else.

It was a little heart-breaking to hear how close family members could be so mean to one another. A mother telling her daughter she should wear makeup because she was ugly without it, and the sister saying ‘why bother, she’s still fat. A big ol’ fat slob’. It felt truly cruel. This woman had such low self-esteem and little confidence in herself, she had never been on a date because she didn’t believe she deserved to.Revenge

However, this woman had got to a point in her life where she wanted to pushback. This was her opportunity to turn things around for herself. She wanted to lose the weight and her new body weight and shape was going to be the revenge on her family.

I get it. I get the reasoning behind it, and if you can transform that pain to power then that is fantastic. What she didn’t realise though is that weight loss is a lot more than just making a decision to lose weight and make a change. It requires hard work, consistency and most of all a mindset that is supporting you.

That unconscious mind of hers was replaying those horrible words, and she did not have the belief in herself that she was going to lose weight. She had heard that she was fat for so long that she believed it was the only way she could ever be. She didn’t really think that she would ever be anything other than big. The coach working with her could see this, and they actually did some work on her mindset, and her belief system and the way this woman transformed when she realised she did not need to accept those comments from her family was really dramatic. The energy that she was able to put into her workouts increased, how she changed her relationship with food and her attitudes towards her own body was fantastic. She didn’t believe she was this Big ol’ fat slob on the inside any longer and wasn’t going to put up with it anymore. She conquered the exercises that she ‘couldn’t’ do to before, and she enjoyed putting time and effort into herself.

This process was over a peCantCanriod of 12 weeks and she let go of 20lbs and 14 inches!

When her family saw her they were gobsmacked and she actually had the confidence to say to them, “its not ok to speak to me that way”.

Part of her journey, was that she realised weight loss isn’t just a process for the body, but its the mental attitude, and emotional commitment that made her succeed. Without those things, she would never have maintained the changes that were implemented at the beginning, and without consistency, change is not going to happen.

When it comes to weight loss, people seem to get into a place where they cut calories and restrict for a period of time and expect results over night. It didn’t take you one night to put on this excess fat, why would it take one night to lose it? Consistency is crucial. Working on your mindset is crucial. If your mind is not working with you, or doesn’t believe in you, then who else will?

If you need some help changing your mindset, your beliefs or your eating habits, get in touch! I love seeing you succeed!

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