I’m Saving It For Something Special

I’m Saving It For Something Special

New Mindset = New Results

But how long do you wait for something special? What is special enough to break into that sacred thing that you need to save?

I want to share a story with you before I changed my mind-set:

When I got married, I was given a beautiful silver gift box, filled with gorgeous Elemis products to pamper myself with. Scented candles, body scrubs, creams, rubs etc., all these lovely potions to help me relax and feel good about myself. At least that was the intention of the giver of this gift. It was such a lovely gift, and these products were expensive, I appreciated it more than I could express, however I did not use it.

Why? Because I thought I should save it to use when I had a special reason to, an occasion to go, as that would be a lovely treat wouldn’t it. Christmas came and went, I had lovely parties to go to, and got all dressed up for a black tie event, but still I did not open this box.

Over the next few years, parties were attended, birthdays were celebrated. I started my family, I changed jobs, I moved house. By this time I had forgotten about this gift that I had been saving. It was tucked away safely in the top of the wardrobe. Ready for that all important occasion that would be special enough for it to opened and used. So far, nothing had warranted such a thing, I mean, come on, who would use such lovely things just because?? Just doing the normal things day to day, in my mind at the time was not a good enough reason.

WELL… That’s what this post is about. It absolutely IS enough of a reason to treat yourself. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister. I work, I look after my home, I cook, clean, Iron, I run errands, I get the jobs done that need doing. SO why oh why would that not be enough of a reason to take an hour away from those things to enjoy some time on my own, with some candles, and expensive products and pamper myself?

We all have so many roles to play in society, there are these unwritten rules that we abide by and we get the jobs done, “because we have to”. We keep going “because we have to”. SO, I suggest that whatever it is that would allow you to wind down and recharge your batteries, whether that is a candle lit bathtub and a lot of bubbles, or whether it is a good book, or even going for a walk. Whatever it is that is right for you, you go and do it. Because you have to.

Everything is not going to fall apart because you stop and refuel. Your roles in life ARE enough of a reason to do that. You are special enough.

So go and set some time aside, for yourself, and do what you need to do, and recharge those batteries. Most importantly, enjoy it! You are worth it.

This is all about changing your mind-set, changing your perception of yourself. You can think differently. If you want to have a chat, contact me and see how hypnotherapy can help you.

By the way, I do still have the box, (Its silver, I’m a bit of a magpie and love things that shimmer, I couldn’t get rid of it) and it is very much opened, and has been refilled with my favourite things.

Until next time…

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