Boosting 2018 Feel Good February

Boosting 2018 – Feel Good February

So it’s over half way through February already. I haven’t been feeling so good! The opposite of Feel good Feb! I know we focused on reminding ourselves about what Joy is and how we can feel more of it last month, so this month, following on with what you can do that makes you feel good.

Feeling Good Outside In

It can be hard to think of things from the inside out, but external things, places, people have massive effects on us and how we feel. So for the last part of FebFeelGoodFeb perhaps you can spend a little time and enjoy your local area. There are some amazing places and people that are here purely to serve you and make you feel good!

Perfect Places for a Pamper:

Here are a few recommendations of places I know will make you feel good:

Simply Calm – Faith is a wonderful reflexologist, amongst other things.

Andover Nails – If you want your nails doing or some make up for an event or night out. Sue will have your looking your best

We all know exercise is good for us – you don’t have to join a gym. Pilates with Bunny is a wonderful class to attend. Bunny knows her stuff and will help you increase your strength and flexibility.

If you want to treat yourself and want to be completely pampered I highly recommend Leah’s Beauty or Scents of Spirit to get you feeling a bit more human again.

I personally adore flowers, and having colour around the home makes me feel good everytime I go into the room. Janet Mary Designs is a superb florist and you will be able to have something beautiful that suits any budget

Of course there are many more wonderful businesses, if you have a personal favourite, why not share with us so we can all go and enjoy it!

Over to you

Now whilst you are treating yourself and enjoying what’s left of Feel Good February, get ready to get stuck in for March. Its going to be a good one. In Motivational March, I want to motivate you to feel brave. We’ve built up some reserves of all this joy and goodness, so now we are strong enough to face the fear. We will be looking at what is holding you back and how to release that fear of failure.

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