Binge Vs Best Behaviour

Binge Vs Best Beaviour – Eating My Way Through Emotion

I will be honest with you, because I always am. Honesty is one of my core values, both personally and professionally. I believe you need that to build trust and have a good relationship. SO I am always honest with the people I am working with. But also, I am human as well, so I hope you can be forgiving….

So this time of year is a crazy, busy, fun and expensive time for me. It’s literally my family’s birthdays (including my own!) from now until Christmas. SO that’s lots of presents for lots of children and those of us pretending we’ve grown up. It also is my birthday here at Boost Therapy! (Yay!) It’s been a marvellous year. It’s been busy, challenging, exciting, stressful, exhilarating, disappointing, anyone who is alive or ever lived is on or has been on this same rollercoaster ride. That’s just how life is.

Birthday BingesBirthday Balloons

But through all of these emotions, food and drink have had a place. Friends came to stay, there was a celebration. We had prosecco ate pizza, cake, more prosecco, chocolate and maybe some more prosecco. This was most definitely something that could be described as a binge. I absolutely enjoyed every second of it, and why shouldn’t I? Because they are ‘bad’ foods?? Because of my uncontrolled eating behaviour?

I can assure you it’s not often I get to celebrate with friends like that. So I did enjoy it, and Im sure at Christmas time there will be more overindulging, but that will be ok too. And I will tell you why: Because it doesn’t happen all of the time.

I also had some time where I did let emotion get the better of me. You know those times ladies. Your hormones are all over the place, and emotions are running riot. The littlest thing can make you feel angry, such as an empty toilet roll. (Seriously?! Just change it!!) You feel like you want to cry but at the same time just a tad empty? It’s a hard thing to describe, but when you have those feelings you know what I’m talking about. It can be hard to navigate through the emotional turmoil when you feel that way. I’m not sure what I was missing, and I binged my way through it. Practically devouring anything in sight. Yes it was not part of my plan, not part of the big picture, but at the same time its ok. The food gave me the energy to carry on throughout the day, the sweetness eased the emotional discomfort, and so at that precise moment in time, it was helping me.

No Guilt Trip Required

ComfortEatingCakesEating in this manner always has a positive intention even if you don’t know what it is. Our subconscious, automatic response here is to provide comfort; it was just in the form of food. So I can be thankful that I was able to get myself through that, but also be aware of what was happening so that I could stop and I could take back control. There’s no point getting mad at yourself for doing this, It will just use up much needed energy, just know that some part of you is doing what it can to help you at that moment in time. This too will be ok. Because when you do have control over your body, your emotions and behaviours, occasions like this are rare.

Over to You

I know you are doing your very best to get by, and be in control, and I do have something very special coming up that I will share with you soon. It’s going to be your saviour for times like these! If you want to be in the know, and keep up to date with more info plus some tips and freebies about your eating habits and wellbeing – don’t forget to join my newsletter – you’ll be the first in the know about posts like this, free stuff and some good ol’ realistic advice for wellbeing. You get free hypnotherapy audios if you do, so what are you waiting for!

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** Update**

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