Weight Loss

When you say the word 'diet' you associate it with restriction, and all of the things you can't have.

Weight Loss

When you are on a diet, do you say "Im being good this week", or "I can't have that, Im on a diet" ? Then do you find that you want it even more, spending the rest of the day thinking about what you are not supposed to be eating?

Then finally you do lose some weight and can wear that new dress or suit,  and you go back to eating normally again. You go back to comfort eating, or boredom eating and the fat just piles back on again.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

You are right back where you started, and possibly heavier than when you began. That doesnt feel good and that is not the best way to lose weight

Diets dont work

So many diets fail, they are unrealistic to maintain, and our head is not in the right place. The biggest tip for weight loss I can recommend for anyone is to start with getting that right:

Getting a Successful Weight Loss Mindset

Hypnosis for weight loss is all about understanding you, because who knows you better than you? Hypnotherapy can help you learn how to stop emotional eating, and understand whats happening when you have those days when you just cant stop eating!

When you have that mindset you have great motivation for weight loss. Losing weight doesnt have to be painful,  and you do not need to spend your days crying out for some real food.

With the tools that I will teach you, you will know how to deal with situations that make you want to eat, such as:

- boredom eating

- emotional & comfort eating

- stress or tiredness

I know first hand how running to the biscuit tin can make you feel when under pressure, it was a saviour, but I also know how I felt after I scoffed half the packet without realising.

What the mind believes the body achieves

By working together, I will create a Personal Plan for Weight Reduction, that is tailored to you.

There is no need to obsess about what and when you are eating if you have the right tools. Thats why hypnotherapy for weight control is a brilliant choice.By learning these things you can become the size, shape and weight you choose.


How wonderful will it be to have more confidence, higher self-esteem and happiness in your life?

Emergency SOS Weight Loss Support

When you work with me, you are not left out in the cold after the session. We can have an Emergency SOS call on the telephone or skype between sessions if you need to. So if you have an event coming up and you are worried about how you will control, we will set you straight before you go!

Weight Loss Programmes - Which package is right for you?


The shorter package boosting you in the right direction

  • 4 personalised sessions Face-2-Face or Skype, building your confidence, motivation and strong emotional resillience
  • A comprehensive package of tools and techniques that will help keep you on track
  • Motivational messages - we keep in contact throughout
  • Re-program your mind to make healthier choices
  • Reading materials, handouts, and an audio to support you

Only £380 Saving £20 on individual session prices, and the audio is worth £9.99!



The premium, complete package offering the most support, and BOOST bonuses

  • 6 personalised sessions Face-2-Face or Skype that will build your confidence, self esteem, motivation and emotional resillience
  • A comprehensive package of tools and techniques that will help keep you on track
  • Motivational messages - we keep in contact throughout
  • SOS telephone or skype calls when you need that extra support.
  • Re-program your mind to make healthier choices
  • Reading materials, and handouts
  • MP3 audios help you maintain the lbs you drop, for use after the programme completes.

Only £540  Saving £60 on individual session prices and the audios are worth £9.99 each!

Individual sessions booked outside of a package are £100 each

Ready to be proud of that person you see in the mirror?

If you are ready to lose weight and want to learn more about how Hypnosis can help you reduce weight, take the leap and just do it, book an appointment at my Andover Hypnotherapy practice, contact me via my Contact Page or call: 07841 413 134


Terms and Conditions

When booking packages, please note all sessions must be used within one 4 or 6 month period respectively unless written agreement is given