Fear of Flying Hypnosis - Fearful Flyer To Happy Traveller, Kirsty Leitch Boost Therapy

Fearful Flyer to Happy Traveller
- The Fear Of Flying Hypnosis Programme For You

A 4 session programme to turn your fear of flying into a thing of the past, and you get to fly so calmly your biggest problem will be where to fly to next.

If any of this sounds familiar...


  • You want to go on holiday and enjoy it but you can’t. The sheer thought of having to get into that tin can in the sky just fills you with dread and you want to cry.


  • You are afraid you are going to pass on your fear of flying to your kids and ruin traveling for them too.


  • You stop going anywhere that you can’t drive or get a train to because that time that you did fly was so horrendous that you can’t put yourself or your friends/family through it all again.


  • You always think you are going to die if you fly. Your whole body and brain feel it.

If you could fly and not feel like that, would you?

Hi, I’m Kirsty and I have been helping people just like you all around the UK, Europe and the USA, to overcome their fears for 10 years.

I’ve recognised a pattern of thoughts, behaviours and worries that most people experience when they have a fear of flying:

Instead of being able to enjoy travel and seeing the world, people were staying at home, missing weddings, not seeing family, missing out on experiences in life just because of that fear of flying.

After honing my skills and helping people travel around the world having overcome their fear, I decided it was time to put together a programme of the methods that I use that have helped people to do this successfully.

This fear of flying hypnosis programme is the result of hundreds of hours in client sessions to overcome fear and specifically designed to help you get your Wings and fly comfortably.

Kirsty Calm confident and incontrol programme

Where is the first place you are going to fly to after this?


Fear of Flying Hypnosis that lets you Fly SO CALMLY that you, nor your travel partners will believe it’s you.


Fear of Flying Hypnosis - Whatsapp review

Your 4 fear of flying hypnosis sessions to help you

1 - Brain Reboot

Whip Away all the stuff that’s just floating around in that head of yours. In our first session we rebalance the brain.

Bring your brain out of fear mode, and get your brain to start chilling out so that your body can too. Start to see yourself as a comfortable flyer. Here we begin packing up your virtual tool kit that weighs absolutely 0kg and takes no space in your hand-luggage!

2 - Stop The Thoughts

<span style="font-family: open sans 300, palatino, serif; font-size: 16pt;"Install new, relevant thoughts that make a difference to how you feel on the plane.

Putting the breaks on the negative thought patterns, input more constructive, helpful thoughts that create new personal dialogue. Instead of thinking ‘were going to drop out of the sky’ you get to decide what works for you instead. And create your own way of activating those thoughts on demand.

It’s like your very own button for your subconscious mind

3 - Overcome the panic properly

Neutralise the nerves around the whole aspect of travel.

Crush your worries, thoughts and fears about getting to the airport, security, packing, accidentally getting arrested, turbulence…the whole narrative about flying in this ‘tin can in the sky’ changes – you name it we can change it

4 - Get feeling good about traveling

Good times going

Feel Calm, confident and chilled about getting on a plane and taking to the sky in comfort. Maybe even a little bit excited!

Where are you going to go to now?

This button will take you straight to my calendar so that you can pick a time suitable for us to talk and discuss your plan of action.


Once you select your time you will get an email automatically in your inbox with a confirmation, and a link to the video call session on Zoom.


On the call, we talk about you, and make sure that this fear of flying hypnosis program is right for you. It’s a great opportunity for you to ask any questions as well.


If you decide that fear of flying hypnosis is right for you once you know how it all works, and you are ready to let go of your fear of flying, you can pay for the program and we will book a time to start the sessions.

You get extra access to more flexible times when we are chatting for your sessions.


If I don’t think I can help you – I won’t try to sell to you.

Fear of flying Hypnosis reviews

Having tried hypnotherapy before, I was surprised at how much easier it was do to it with Kirsty. She really put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable right from the very beginning.

Kirsty's instructions are very natural and really easy to follow. I was surprised at how effective it was even working online. In a way, it was almost easier as I could flop into my own sofa without having to think about where I was.

I feel so much lighter and clearer after working with Kirsty. I especially recommend it if you don't want to wade through your problems in words. This work is super effective and efficient.

I felt at ease with Kirsty from the moment I met her. I was feeling very insecure, vulnerable and anxious. She has helped me find my old self. I feel far more confident, capable and am enjoying life again. You have given me back my love of life. Thank you Kirsty.

After my sessions with Kirsty, I feel confident, in control and really positive about the future for the first time in a long time. Kirsty made me feel at ease and I enjoyed my sessions with her.

Ready to get your (metaphorical) WINGS so that you can take to the sky and your subconscious let you enjoy the flight?

Who The Fear Of Flying Hypnosis Programme Is For:

➡ Your fear of flying is stopping you from living part of your life and you really want to visit other places.

 ➡ You are worried that you will pass on your fear of flying to the little ones in your family.

 ➡ You want to be able to have that family holiday and not feel so ill beforehand that you question why you even booked it, and you don’t want to panic halfway through the holiday about getting back home again

 ➡ You are ready to fully engage with this process of change, and embrace your ability to re-programme your mind.

 ➡ You want to work one-on-one with someone so that the programme can be tailored specifically to you rather than be part of a big group


Who The Fear Of Flying Hypnosis Programme Is  NOT For

👎🏽 You want me to snap my fingers one time and immediately everything is perfecto! I’m not a magician, just a subconscious whisperer.

👎🏽 You don’t like having a laugh – every session is a fun one. You will feel calmer and more chilled out in general which is obviously a terrible side effect.

👎🏽 You want to jump on a plane immediately after the session, my private jet is being fuelled….(joking obviousy, the only plane I have is a lego one 😆 )



Real People Feeling Calm, Confident and In Control

After a very traumatic experience in my life I was suffering with acute anxiety, I was losing control of my life and was scared of where I was heading. Kirsty honestly changed my life, she gives you the tools to move forward and keep yourself in stable and loving place. My life has changed for the better since, I am on a journey and feel stronger since working with Kirsty. I also know I can go back to her anytime if I need additional help.
Thank you Kirsty.

I have suffered with anxiety and other factors affecting my day to Day life for many years. I was very sceptical however I absolutely adored it! Kirsty was so soothing. Calming and professional!


Hypnotherapy isn't a magic wand, but Kirsty was able to open my mind to achieve just what I wanted to. She made me realise that if I want anything enough, my mind can help me achieve it. I look forward to a healthier and happier life thanks to Kirsty, and would recommend her to anyone who wants to better their health. She is very professional, but immensely and understanding


Hopefully this answers your questions, but if not reach out.