Fed up being an emotional eater? Now you can do something about it


End Emotional Eating


Are you FED UP of eating when you are not even hungry?

Is food THERAPY instead of Fuel?

Do you eat all of the wrong things because of your emotions?


If you feel you have lost control over your eating habits because of emotions, then this program is for you. Read on...


The brand new program to help you finally End Emotional Eating


 The End Emotional Eating Program includes:

End Emotional Eating - Feed Your Mind, Not Your Behind e-Guide.

  • Understand what emotional eating is, why it happens & what you can do to stop it
  • Learn about you, your triggers and the type of eater you are (soon not to be...)
  • When is the optimum time for you to eat and when you are truly hungry


Food Diary to support you through, helping you track:

  • What, When and Why you are eating & drinking
  • Keeps you on top of progress


The Audios Included: 


Release Stress & Negative Emotions


  • You’re allowed to have emotions, just don’t feed them food. This will help you to release those emotions
  • Regain control over your emotions, you be the boss, and gain some peace of mind too.
  • Swap that negative emotion with something that serves you better


Get Over Over-Eating


  • Helps you to take charge - food is not in control of you
  • Finally, understand when you are actually hungry
  • Enjoy small meals and sensible portions


Ultimate Confidence Booster


  • Builds your confidence so food is no longer therapy, its fuel
  • Helps you realise there is more to you than eating
  • Discover your self-esteem so you can move forward


 !! Plus Additional Bonus Audio Completely Free !!

As an Added Bonus, to help you find freedom from feeding your feelings, you cant beat yourself up, forgive yourself for what you have done previously with this Self-Compassion Meditation



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       Once an order is placed a single ZIP file will download with all of the program files inside.

       No refunds are permitted once an order has been placed for this product

       Responsibility for all technical uploads / downloads lies with the purchaser

       Delivery of this product is strictly for the purchasers sole use only.

       Any forwarding on these download products to third parties is deemed theft.

       The company does not accept responsibility for the amount of weight lost.

       This product is strictly for those who are not currently suffering from / have suffered mental illness.

       Do not listen to these MP3 audios when driving or operating dangerous machinery.

       Purchasers agree not to forward the product onto any third party.

You will need access to a PC or MAC and iTunes to listen to the audios on your iPhone or iPad


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