Mindfulness special offer


What you get:

Get the whole Mindfulness for Work and Living Pack.

This includes the PDF workbook covering

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • Why you should practice Mindfulness.
  • Learn your Default Mode
  • Are you being Selfish?
  • Formal and Informal Mindfulness
  • Cognitive Mindfulness – Steps to Manage Stress
  • Understand your stress response
  • Multi-Tasking incl. experiment
  • Distraction & Procrastination
  • Maintaining A Mindful Life
  • Mindfulness Journal

You also get a total of 11 MP3s! You will receive the Creating Self Compassion Meditation, Cultivating Loving Kindness meditation and a variety of meditations (with and without music) to become more aware of your body, breathing, sounds and thoughts


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Mindfulness for Work and Living